First U.S. Test-Tube Baby Gives Birth

August 9, 2010

It’s been about 30 years since countries all over the world began doing in vitro fertilisation. Well now the first U.S. test-tube baby gives birth to her own beautiful boy! For more on Elizabeth Comeau’s bundle of joy, including a video, keep reading below the photo.

Test tube baby  1

She was born on December 28, 1981 after being conceived through the process that was new back then. Pictures of her were on covers of magazines and everyone became very curious about what her life would be like. Well now that she has had a son, the “normal” way, she hopes people realize she is just like everyone else.

Obviously she will still be in the spotlight somewhat, especially when she has children. It has to be kind of crazy after all these years to see “First U.S. Test-Tube Baby Gives Birth” headlines, and know you’re in the spotlight again.

Her son, Trevor, was delivered at 2:05 a.m. on Friday and he weighed a healthy 7 lbs., 12 oz. They are trying to keep things low key, and his delivery was definitely not as crowded as her was. Comeau works for the Boston Globe’s website, however, so she did take to the internet to tell us all about it.

“Now, nearly 29 years from my birth as the first test-tube baby in the United States, I have my own baby.”

She decided to share her story because she truly hopes it helps others who may have a tough time having a baby.

“I follow the same principle my parents did: If my story helps couples or families learn about in-vitro fertilization, then the loss of privacy is worthwhile. People who have fertility issues deserve to know they can have healthy, normal babies.”

And so there you have it. The first U.S. test-tube baby gives birth and is in the media again. Though they may want a more quiet life, they take it in stride and try to encourage others. What do you think about this whole story? Leave me your comments below, after you check out this video.

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