Patricia Southall Smith: Emmitt Smith’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

August 8, 2010

Patricia Southall Smith aka Pat Smith is Emmitt Smith’s Wife, she is also a former beauty pageant contestant, a loving mother, spokesperson, presenter and she is absolutely gorgeous. Keep reading to know more about her from her biography and don’t miss Patricia Southall Smith’s photos and video below.

Patricia Southall Smith

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Patricia Southall Smith is one sports wife that shines by herself just because she is so beautiful, like all these fantastic ladies that we love so much to find out about, they are the ones who hold the love of our favorite athletes. They are professionals, amazing wives, supermoms and each of them has a different and interesting story to tell, and today we will find out Patricia’s, whose hubby is the former NFL running back who just got inducted in the US Pro Football Hall of Fame.

39 year old Patricia Annette Southall aka “Pat” was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia where she did her high school studies, it was during school that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After she graduated she moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia where she got into JMU or James Madison University where after four years she graduated in Journalism. While at JMU she was involved in many activities on campus like SGA president, Student Governor Association, Miss Madison and was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. After her mother passed away Pat and her sister Pam took care of their father Henry Southall.

Patricia is a beautiful and smart woman, with incredible green eyes, incredible body, gorgeous smile and terrific personality. It was pretty obvious for her to win the 1993 Miss Virginia beauty pageant (Becoming the 1st African American to win) who was going to represent Virginia at the Miss USA Pageant the following year.

Her performance at Miss USA left everyone breathless, her exotic beauty was rare not to mention how outgoing, smart and elegant she was unfortunately she didn’t win although she was the first runner-up and was selected Miss Congeniality which still is pretty good.

In 1992 she got a job at Douglas Wilder’s Media Office who is the former Richmond, Virginia’s Mayor, that same year she met  comedy actor Martin Lawrence who was working in Richmond at the time.

After dating him for some time Patricia got married on January 15th, 1995. She became a mother on January 15th, 1996 to Jasmine Paige Lawrence, as you all remember the actor from the Bad Boys Film was involved in a series of scandals that deteriorated his marriage to Patricia and they ended up divorcing on September, 1996.

Meanwhile the Dallas Cowboys running back was involved in a relationship from which his daughter Rheagen, two years younger than Patricia’s girl was born.

It not sure when exactly Patricia Southall and the famous RB started dating or how they met, but they got engaged at a dinner party where friends and family were celebrating his 30th birthday.

Pat became Patricia Southall Smith on April 22, 2000 when they got married at the Dallas First Baptist Church. Check their Wedding picture here.

Their first child together Emmitt IV was born on May 15, 2002 and daughter Skylar on October 15th, 2003. Check out the entire family here, Lovely Right? They live in a beautiful house in  Dallas, Texas.

Patricia Smith and her hubby are involved in the The Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities where they help children in need in their cultural, physical and academic areas. Besides her charity she is also involved in the Susan B. Komen Foundation (Breast Cancer), The Family Place (battered woman and children) and she is also a founder and spokesperson for Treasure you. In her own Words..

“Treasure You Is all about building a community that supports, inspires and celebrates woman in their journey to discover their self-worth”.

Besides modeling Pat’s ventured into acting when she was in Beverly Hills 90210, Sunset Beach and The Wayans Brothers Show plus she also hosted Keep the Faith,  and Treasure You. Patricia Smith is among other important celebrities like Mike Modano (Hockey), Nancy Lieberman (Volleyball), Dr. Michael Hinojosa (Dallas School District) Todd Oldham (Fashion designer) among others that joined Elevator Dallas where their mission is to help increase children and teenagers’ skills whether at home, school or any other activity they might be interested in.

Patricia Southall Smith is definitely a stunning, sexy and beautiful woman, wife and mother but the beauty that Pat brings to the world comes from her soul. Check out Patricia’s photos and video below and share your comments about her with us.

Pat Southall SmithPat SmithPatricia Smith

Patricia Southall Smith Pictures

Patricia Southall Smith Video

Photos: Padilla, Fabrizio Picco

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    Renard Southall Says:

    Cousin Pat,
    You’re everywhere, doing everything and lookin good. I also served in the SGA as Director of Administrative Affairs at Southern University and A & M College. And other one your cousins on this end is a Delta, Dr. Lisa Southall-Oubre in Thibodaux, LA. What we can do for others is a priority in our lives as well. Continued Blessings are yours!