Sonja Ambrose: Marcos Ambrose’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 8, 2010

Have you met Sonja Ambrose? She is Marcos Ambrose’s wife, a beautiful Aussie, loving wife and caring mother. Would you like to know more about her? Keep reading to get to know her and check out Sonja Ambrose’s photo and videos below.

Sonja Ambrose

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Sonja Ambrose’s hubby just claimed his title as the 2010 Zippo 200 champion in fact his third in a row at the Walkins Glen road race in New York, just a few week after he announce he will leave JTG-Daugherty racing team. Which makes us wonder if he will also be retiring from racing at all, perhaps you remember that Sonja once said that while her daughters are not in school yet, traveling was easy, but once they started school traveling to the United States will be harder, but if we think about that Sonja’s girls are still toddlers aren’t they?

"If you probably speak to me in another two year’s time, I’ll probably be telling you a different story. Because we’ve really had the luxury of traveling with the children, and them being young enough and not being tied down to school. Whereas that will start to be changed, and we will be tied down to school, and we will therefore probably have much tougher decisions to make about when we travel. We will definitely need to sit down and plan that better." Sonja Ambrose Said.

Well, yes they are still pretty young Tabitha is four years old and Adelaide who was born on September, 2008 is not even three, maybe you remember that day since her daddy missed the Dodge Dealers race in Dover to be with Sonja and their little baby daughter.

Sonja and her girls’ frequent flier miles must be reaching higher numbers. They spent some time in Charlotte, North Carolina with the famous NASCAR driver, Sonja like other wives and kids spend their time playing at the Motor racing Outreach aka MRO where these lovely children can find a grand variety of toys to play and entertain themselves while their famous daddies are playing with their bigger and faster cars.

The rest of the time Sonja is at her house in Launceston,Tasmania in Australia, where the rest of their families are, the same city that saw them grow up and bumped into each other while both were at high school.

Sonja met him when both were just teenagers and he was not even an amateur car racer. She knew how he felt about speed and cars and considering his father was involved in racing it was obvious, but she didn’t think he would do it as a profession and even if he did it everything would be just like everything was then. Still Sonja was by his side when he started his career with Formula Ford and then when he went to Europe and back to Australia.

"Sonja’s been with me since before I left Australia. We got together at high school and she came over the Europe with me and she’s been through everything, so there’s no bull…… attached to it – there’s no egos with Sonja. She loves me for who I am, and I’m pretty much a dag, you know. Just lucky."

Sonja had just gotten married and in the first trimester of her first pregnancy when she traveled with him to the U.S back in 2005 hoping to join NASCAR (She moved to the States in 2006). Just like she has been with him, she is glad that when he is off the race track she finds that great guy with whom she fell madly in love, the same one she still loves for who he is and not what he does for a living, who leaves behind his profession to be what she and the girls need him to be, a loving, patient, playful husband and father.

What do you think of this NASCAR wife? Must be hard to be away from your husband like she has to be right? Check out the video and  Sonja Ambrose’s photos below.

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