Lindsay Clubine: Clay Buchholz’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

August 7, 2010

Lindsay Clubine or Lindsay Buchholz as you know is Clay Buchholz’ Wife. She is also a stunning model, presenter and just recently a mother. Find out all you want to know about this beautiful lady from her biography and don’t miss Lindsay Clubine’s photos and video below.

Lindsay Clubine

Lindsay Clubine Picture

Not so long ago this incredibly remarkable woman called our attention, by that time she was just dating her husband and they recently announce dtheir engagement. Today she once again made us wanna take a sneak peek into her new life as a MLB wife and a new mommy, so let’s find out what she has been doing lately not before checking where it all began.

Lindsay Clubine was born in Kansas City, Missouri on January 7th, 1983 making her age 27 years old. Lindsay’s parents raised her and her two younger sisters in Camden, a small city with pretty much nothing to do and nowhere to go, but this active girl or as she describes herself, tomboy, was always on the move either fishing, riding horses or practicing sports, she kept herself busy.

Ironically her favorite sport was softball where she was a pitcher and a pretty good one, at her school she was not just into softball she was in every athletic activity she could get herself into. Don’t think that just because she was a sports junkie she was not girly, I have to say she sure was a girly girl, a very beautiful girl indeed.

Her gorgeous smile, enigmatic personality and unbelievable good looks took her in front of the camera, something she always dreamed of.

First came modeling at her natal Kansas, I did tell you she is gorgeous, right? Because Ford Model Agency saw that and signed her as one of their prestigious models.

Lindsay moved to Miami where she was modeling for important fashion brands and appearing in over a thousand magazines, swimwear catalogs, and even music videos. Miami was certainly a great experience for her career especially if you add that it was while her time in the Sunshine State that in October, 2003 she became the hostess for the popular extreme sports show for HDNet channel  “Get Out”  where she stayed until last year.

But Lindsay was not going to stay on the east coast for long. In 2006 she relocated to Los Angeles where she was briefcase model # 26 (#24 at first) along with Howie Mandel for NBC’s Deal or No Deal, I remember watching her on that show, all the models were gorgeous but somehow she called everyone’s attention with that picture perfect smile and smoking hot body which is plus many other reasons she was among her model friends from Deal on People Magazine’s 100 Most  Beautiful People special edition in 2007. Soon everybody wanted a piece of Lindsay Clubine.

She took her spot at Extra!, Entertainment Tonight, E!, TV Guide in Reality Chat Ripelive! for DirecTV and few others.

About her romantic life we found out sometime in December, 2008 that Lindsay and the Red Sox sexy pitcher were in fact dating. They looked so hot together and people wondered how long will their relationship last since you know our Red Sox boy had a little reputation of his own and due to that the next news took everyone by surprise.

A year after we found out they were dating it was reported that they were engaged, Lindsay and her fiancée got married on November 14, 2009 in Los Angeles. We added a video of their wedding below.

This March Lindsay turned to her Twitter account to tell friends and fans the great news, she was pregnant!

“Being pregnant is so much fun! I’m loving every moment of it.’’

Nothing like a pregnant girl to get people to move out of the way! So funny!”

Lindsay Clubine welcomed her baby girl Colbie Dawn at 5:15 on August 4th, 2010, she weighted 7 pounds 6 ounces.

As the new mommy stays at home with baby Colbie, Daddy takes care of winning many games. You won’t be seeing much of Lindsay for a little while, but you sure can in her photos and video below and while you check on those would you like to send your wishes to the new parents and her lovely girl?

Lindsay Clubine BuchholzLindsay Clubine Buchholz photoLindsay Clubine PicLindsay Clubine picture

Lindsay Clubine Pictures

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