Ruth Ryan: Nolan Ryan’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 6, 2010

Meet the one and only the lovely Ruth Ryan, she is former MLB player Nolan Ryan’s wife who is also one of owners of his former team the Texas Rangers. What do we know about his beautiful wife Ruth? How did they meet? How many children did they have? All about her is here plus check out the photos and video below.

Nolan Ryan

Ruth has been part of her husband’s life for like forever, she has been his best friend, biggest fan, loyal and caring wife, wonderful mother and so much more. Where does a guy find a women like her?

For the famous player he met her while both were at Alvin High School in Alvin, Texas. He was just 15 when he met 13 year old Ruth Holdorff born in Alvin, Texas on January 10, 1949.

After becoming friends and going out on a few dates they officially started dating. And they became the most beautiful and popular couple in High School, he a handsome player on their school’s baseball and basketball team, while his stunning girlfriend Ruth was an awesome tennis player (actually Texas state champ) and a straight A’s student. Ruth graduated from Alvin in 1967, two years after her beau and got into Alvin Community College just like him.

After Ruth got married on June 26th, 1967 she moved to the big apple, something that she was not just looking forward to, but she had to support her husband who was playing with the Mets. Apparently it was not just Ruth who felt weird about New York, her husband felt the same way. They both agreed that it was not the ideal city to be raising their children. After some time they left NY and move to Los Angeles.

The way they felt about living in California was not different from New York. There was a time back in the 70’s after a terrible baseball season for Ruth’s hubby that he even wanted to quit and go back to Alvin, but she encouraged him to stay and give his best, she knew he could do it and she was right, now these days her husband is consider one of the best pitchers in baseball history.

Soon children came and Ruth Ryan couldn’t be happier; Robert Reid her eldest was born on November 21, 1971, then came Jimmy Reese born on January 21, 1976 and her little girl Wendy Lynn born on March 22, 1977. Eventually they moved back to Texas where their children grew up and went to school.

During her time back at home Ruth became involved in charities. Along with her hubby they created the Nolan Ryan Foundation where they raised funds to help youth, education and other development in their community. Ruth also was involved in the Board of trustees at Alvin College and the ACC Foundation. She was later honored by her former College by naming their softball field “The Ruth Ryan Field”, plus she was among other athletes who were honored by the Athletics Department at Alvin in their very first Hall of Fame class.

She also wanted people to take a look inside her life living with a famous Baseball player, which is why in 1995 her book “My Life with Nolan Ryan” was published. Today she is enjoying her life as a supportive and loving wife and mother as always plus she has a new duty to spoil her grandchildren, check out a picture of her entire family here.

Ruth Ryan is now 61 years old and she looks amazing, her beauty, kindness and beautiful smile has won the love, admiration and respect of everyone who knows her.

What do you think of Ruth? Would you like to share your thoughts with us? Check out the photos and video below.

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