Laurae Westwood: Lee Westwood’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

August 6, 2010

Laurae Westwood aka Laurae Coltart is England’s Lee Westwood’s beautiful wife, although she is no stranger to golf there is so little we know about this stunning Scottish woman, You can find more details about Laurae Westwood from her biography plus photos and video right here.

Laurae Westwood
Laurae Westwood Picture

If Laurae Westwood’s maiden name Coltart rings your bell it is because her big brother is golfer Andrew Coltart, her hubby’s long time friend, fellow golfer, rival and the reason he met his future wife. After they met, her big brother was like “there is no way you will be dating my sister”. A similar idea was on her mind after spending most of her childhood and youth watching her brother at the golf course, marrying a golfer was the last thing she would do even if it was the last man on earth, spending her youth bored to death watching golf was enough she wasn’t going to do that to herself.

Soon Laurae began concentrating all her energy on her own project, opening her own beauty salon, not a regular one though, which is why she went to school and studied Holistic Medicine also known as alternate Medicine. Fringe Benefits was the beauty Salon Laurae opened after she finished her studies in Thornhill where she was born in 1974, just four years after her brother. She loved her job but she never saw what was coming when she attended at the 1995 British Open in St. Andrews when she met the English golfer, they click in a second. Her brother certainly wasn’t so happy about it, but then everything went back to normal.

Just months after they met and began dating they decided to get engaged in December 1995 and set on April, 1997 for their big day, but golf changed that day to January 1999.

Laurae Westwood welcomed her son Samuel Bevan in 2000 and daughter Poppy Grace in 2004. She quit her job at the beauty shop to become a full time mommy and wife and if you are wondering if she forgot about herself, you are wrong. Every chance she gets she gets on a horse and rides it like if it was the first time, every time. But Laurae doesn’t complain about quitting her job either, she loves being a mother, watching them grow, loving and laughing with her children and enjoying the company of her famous hubby is nothing she will trade for.

Today and thanks to him, she doesn’t even recall being absolutely miserable at the golf course, she enjoys every time she sets foot on one and even participates in some golf festivities along with other golf wags. What do you think of Laurae Westwood? Leave us your comments in the box below and enjoy the video of this lovely golf wife. Click on the photos below to enlarge them. (I have to tell you, Laurae is not in these pictures, but you definitely should check them out.

Photos: Worth, Vince Maher, Starbux

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