Maria Del Pilar Alomar: Roberto Alomar’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 5, 2010

Maria Del Pilar Alomar, or Maria Maripily Rivera is a sexy Puerto Rican who is also Roberto Alomar’s Wife. For many Latinos she is quite famous and for the past year her name has been surrounded by controversy and scandal. What happened now? Why did she get a restriction order? Who sent her anonymous letters? HIV Claims? Keep reading to know more about this sexy lady, her scandals, restriction order and so much more plus check out Maria Del Pilar Alomar’s sexy photos and video below.

Maria Pilar Alomar

Maria Del Pilar Alomar was first reported as the retired baseball player’s girlfriend last year, back then she was standing up for her man when a former girlfriend named Ilya Dall accused him of allegedly giving her AIDS.

As the player announced he was going to get married to Maria del Pilar, the world began to search for her. What they found was what some described as Latin Viagra.

The voluptuous, curvy and way too sensual Pilar was also known in her natal Puerto Rico as Maripiliy Rivera, her real name actually is Maria del Pilar Rivera Borrero, born in Ponce in the exotic island of Puerto Rico on June 15th, 1977 making her age 33 years old.

Maria del Pilar made her modeling debut when she was just 18 years old when she competed in the 1995 Miss Puerto Rico Petite beauty pageant. She didn’t win but no one could forget the sexy brunette and soon everybody wanted a piece of Pilar.

Music bands asked for her to be in their music videos, the racy pictures of her calendar became one of Puerto Rico’s sexiest and best selling calendars (even now), local newspapers had her picture on their covers, their title described her as the sexiest girl of the week, or as Puertoriquenos will call it, Bombonazo.

Television shows didn’t waste any time either. They signed her as a presenter for a local show “No Te Duermas” and then with “Otra Cosa”. But the sexy Pilar managed to handle her career and her college studies in Journalism and Communications.

And if her busy agenda wasn’t full enough she opened her own swimwear store named after her and started a new career as a singer and joined a local music band. Her next step was to become an actress in a blockbuster film.

Maria Pilar became a mother on November 14th, 2001 of Jose Antonio Garcia from a previous relationship. She started dating the former MLB player in November, 2008. She described him as the man of my life and a true blessing from God which probably was because she recently lost her boyfriend Juan Melendez after he shot himself. They got married on June 1st, 2009 in Florida with her son Jose (aka Robertito as he likes to call himself after he became attached to his stepfather) who was 7 yeas old at that time as their only guest.

On August, 2010 just when everything seemed to be going great with Maria del Pilar, she announced that she was the victim of alleged domestic violence and she was filing for divorce.

Although the player denies everything Maria del Pilar, who barely speaks English, spoke to Latin Media and told her story.

She said she felt betrayed, she got married to him loving him, not his money. She doesn’t feel he loved her the same way, she also talked about some anonymous letters sent to them that were saying terrible things, her family also began to receive abusive phone calls.

But the last drop of the glass fell off when he allegedly pushed her and threatened her with a knife at their house in Tampa on Sunday where her son also was there, but didn’t witness anything since  he was in his room. Today Robertito is in Puerto Rico with his biological father Jose Antonio Garcia. While his mother Puerto Rican model and business woman Maria del Pilar Alomar obtained a temporary injunction against her husband where he must stay 500 feet from her and he can’t contacted her. The hearing will be on August 13th.

On October The New York Post revealed that 33 years old Maria Del Pilar “Maripily” Rivera Alomar accused her still husband of exposing her to HIV virus, lying intentionally to her in order to have unprotected sex with her. When she defended her boyfriend at the time of a former GF who accused him of having HIV positive she was the one who said the allegations against Alomar were not true, but recently she said that he told her that he didn’t have the virus and that he just tested negative. According to her statements she found out that he indeed was HIV positive not long after their wedding on 2009, Maripily added that the discover crushed her and suffered emotional distress if she have known that he had the disease she wouldn’t have marry him.

When Mr. Alomar was question about whether he was HIV positive or not he said that he never talked about his personal life but that disease he did not have, he added that he wouldn’t have gotten married if he had the virus, he would never do that to another person.

Oh My! this story is getting uglier, don’t you agree? So what do you think of her story? What can you tell us about Maria del Pilar? Check out her video below and click on the sexy photos to enlarge.

Maripily RiveraMaripily Rivera Alomar
Maria del Pilar Alomar Pictures

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    Hola mari. te deseo todo lo mejor del mundo y crele siempre a dios porque el es el unico que ase las cosas posible y con tu fe llegaras bien lejos.Fe amiga y muchas fuerzas, y aseia adelante , el mundo y la vida no terminan aqui.Suerte corazon y cuidate , una amiga mas .Te admiro mucho .QUE DIOS TE CUIDE SIEMPRE.