Tunnels & Ancient Tombs Discovered in Mexico

August 5, 2010

After digging, it seems that at the end of recently discovered tunnels, ancient tombs may be hidden! Archeologists have been investigating in Teotihuacan, Mexico after a storm many years ago showed proof of hidden underground treasures. For the full story, including more photos and video, keep reading below.

Ancient Tomb  2

They have been excavating the area for almost a year and have had a great triumph. They were able to find the roof and several chambers that they believe may contain burial chambers of rulers. If they are able to discover who lies in the catacombs, then they may learn more about how Hispanic cultures are integrated.

Finding this tunnel & ancient tombs (possibly) vindicates their claims that something existed at the base of the Temple of Quetzacoatl. In 2003, after a major rain storm the ground seemed to cave in and scientists were intrigued. They are trying to gather as much information as they can and seem to be very excited about what “treasures” it may hold.

“I think the tunnel was the central element, the main element around which the rest of the ceremonial center was built. This was the most sacred place.”

If this is true then the likelihood that very important people were buried there seems very plausible. Since history seems to repeat itself and we are who we come from, the more we can learn about previous cultures the better off we are. That is what archaeologists are trying to uncover, not only hear but all over the world.

There was a recent unfinished tomb found in Egypt and in the United Kingdom historical artifacts are being searched for, before a bridge can be built. The more places like this that are investigated before new construction happens, the more amazing things that can be found.

I think these tunnels & ancient tombs that they may uncover are very fascinating. What do you think they will discover about the historic cultures in Mexico? Let me know your thoughts about this finding below, after you check out these pictures and video.

Ancient Tomb  1 Ancient Tomb  2

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