Mirit Ben Yosef: Yossi Benayoun’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 4, 2010

Mirit Ben Yosef is known for her exotic beauty and for being Yossi Benayoun’s Wife. Do you know Mirit? Her children? Seen any pictures of her? Keep reading this story to know more about Mirit Ben Yosef plus don’t miss her photo and videos below.

Yossi Benayoun 1

Mirit Ben Yosef’s husband is one of Israel’s best players, he is also the national team’s captain. This beautiful couple earned the love and respect of many, her hubby comes from a humble family, his passion and struggle for soccer is admirable. His amazing skills have taken them living from their natal Israel to Spain and England where he was playing with Liverpool but just this month he became part of Chelsea,  which is where you can see the beautiful Mirit.

Mirit Ben Yosef fell in love with that young boy from school who opened his heart, he showed her true love. Mirit also knew ever since she met him, his soccer abilities and how talented he was, she was aware of how much he loved soccer but it was after that she found out that his love for soccer was not bigger or important to him than her.

Mirit Ben Yosef is from Israel, like him. They met when they were just teenagers at school in their hometown of Dimona, they had some classes together, but for the young player it took only a few hours to fall head over heels for Mirit. Not long  after they met he told her she will be his wife, mother of his children and will live happily ever after. It might sound crazy but he meant every word and she knew in her heart he did.

Not even a year passed after they met when he received an offer from Ajax, she went to Holland with him along with her in-laws, but they missed their country. One by one they went back except for Mirit who was the last to leave along with his father. Not long after she left he came back home, this decision was severely criticized.

She dated her boyfriend for seven years before they got married on May 14th, 2002 in Israel. Mirit Ben Yosef moved to Spain with her new husband where on November, 2003 she welcomed her daughter May.

In 2005 Mirit’s Hubby was transferred to England where she became a mother for the second time this time of a gorgeous baby boy.

In 2010 the family will be living in Surrey where it was reported they were looking for a house.

“Yossi and his wife Mirit want a detached modern property suitable for their young children, with a large garden and maybe a swimming pool.”

So there you go next time you see pictures of Mirit and her lovely family it will be there or if you are lucky you will see this beautiful young wife at the Stamford Bridge football stadium. In the meantime check out these photos and video below.

Mirit Ben Yosef Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/David Lee (http://www.flickr.com/people/23699018@N02)

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