$200K For 7-Year-Old’s Art

August 4, 2010

It was only a couple years ago that he started showing the desire to make pictures, and now people are willing to pay $200K for a 7-year-old’s art! Kieron Williamson is Britain’s next prodigy, now being nicknamed the “Mini-Monet.” For the whole story, including photos and video, keep reading.

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Just last week buyers from all over the world, including South Africa and the United States, camped out and lined up to buy his masterpieces. It took just under a half an hour for 33 pictures to be purchased, leaving the family about ÂŁ150,000 richer!

He likes to take his ideas from his countryside and also from other paintings he has seen. Though many may wonder if he simply has a special ability to reproduce the same work, he adds his own special touches and changes them as he sees fit. Whatever he is doing, it works, at least that’s what those who paid a total of about $200K for the 7-year-old’s art think.

He has taken some lessons and has become very well versed in artistic theory. His style is described by himself as:

“They’re impressionist without being abstract and realistic without being photographic.”

Since he is so young his family tries to keep him out of the spotlight too much, especially when it is school time. Now that it is the summer though, they are letting him be more social. One reporter visited his home while he was working and the family said they wanted people to know for sure that he is the one doing the painting.

Other than his amazing ability, he is pretty much the same as other young boys, playing football and bragging about it! As for his talent, I think his style is amazing! You can check out the links and video to check it out, and then let me know if you would pay $200K for a 7-year-old’s art.

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