Kelly Turco: Marty Turco’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 2, 2010

Kelly Turco is Ice Hockey goalkeeper’s Marty Turco’s beautiful wife. Have you ever seen her? Would you like to know her better? Then keep reading to know her full story plus check out Kelly Turco’s photo and video below.

Marty Turco

Kelly Turco will be spotted on the streets of Chicago now that her super goalkeeper hubby just signed to join the Blackhawks for the next year, or maybe you will be seeing her there or at least a picture of her and her lovely children in the Windy City looking absolutely amazing.

Canadian native Kelly Turco will leave Dallas soon, she will also say goodbye to her friends. One of them is her dear friend Anne Marie Morrow (Brandon Morrow’s wife) who is also her neighbor at Highland, but Kelly will continue to amaze people not just by her beauty but by the great mother, wife and human being she is.

Dallas will miss her and her beautiful family too, they have helped many people there. Everybody knew them and adored them. Kelly is a wonderful loving mother of Hailey (8), Katelyn (4) and little Finley Vincent who will be two on August 18th.

“I want my children to look back on their childhood and to remember how much they were loved. I want them to remember a feeling of safety and security. To know that they were loved unconditionally. I hope they will remember a world of possibilities and choices. I hope they remember laughing a lot.” Kelly Turco said.

Maybe you remember when we heard the great news of Kelly Turco becoming a mother for the third time at the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, if you don’t there is a live video below of a few moments of that special moment in the Turco Family.

It is not sure when Kelly got married, but we heard it was between 1999 or 2000 and they were high school sweethearts. Kelly and her husband look forward to their lives in Chicago, different weather, different people, but together they will be feeling just like home in no time. i really love to see families like this one, and a woman so down to earth, devoted mother, loving and supportive mother – all of these qualities are just some of the many the beautiful Kelly Turco has. What are your thoughts about her? Share your comments with us and don’t miss the photo and video below.

Kelly Turco Video

Photos: Mcphersonm80

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