Ann Neal: Mark Webber’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

August 1, 2010

Ann Neal is known for her important role in an Australian F1 driver’s life, not only does she take cares of his business life she also is Mark Webber’s girlfriend. Keep reading too find out more about her and don’t miss Ann Neal’s photos and video below.

Mark Webber

Ann, along with her boyfriend, is celebrating his fourth victory this season, he just won the Hungarian Grand Prix with his team Red Bull where he has been since 2007. His girlfriend has been an important and fundamental person in his career but also in his personal life. Who is Ann Neal?

Forty six year old Ann Neal from England arrived to Australia after her marriage was over. She started her job as a consultant with Ford when she met her famous boyfriend about 15 years ago at the old Amaroo Park Raceway in Annangrove, Sidney. The racetrack was closed in 1998. She was hired as his manager, a job she was starting at, but she proved to be awesome as she got him some juicy sponsorships and sent him sky high, since the Aussie gives her a lot of credit for his success.)

"Obviously I have to drive the car and she can’t kick me out the door to do my training. But I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Ann was very entrepreneurial in terms of coming up with ideas of getting through to the right people and giving me a tremendous opportunity to show my talents, she’s got a lot of trust in my abilities”.

Even though Ann is almost thirteen years older than him their relationships is great, full of love, understanding, support and confidence. The year after they met now as a couple they moved to England where they live in the peaceful area of Albert Park along with her son Luke from her previous marriage and who is now eighteen and ready to leave to college.

Many of you might be wondering if marriage and maybe children are in Ann’s plans, but she said no to both. Marriage is not a definite no, on the other hand their relationship is wonderful the way it is, but it is a definite no to children and her boyfriend is Ok with her decisions.

Ann Neal’s good eye for talent has also helped other drivers by getting her beau to be a mentor for young talent, she also joined her boyfriend when they founded MW Arden GP3 team along with his Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

What are your comments about Ann Neal? This is another love story when age doesn’t matter don’t you agree?

Ann Neal Video

Photos: Dodridge/Goodwood

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