Vanessa Mariscal: Vladimir Matyushenko’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 31, 2010

Meet the sexy and dangerous Vanessa Mariscal, she is Vladimir Matyushenko’s girlfriend who also happens to be a fighter and a pretty good one. keep reading to find out the rest of this story plus check out Vanessa Mariscal’s photos and videos below.

UFC Fighter

Like we told you before Vanessa Mariscal is dating one Russian’s best martial arts fighter who you might also know by his nickname “The Janitor”. He is also one of the best light heavyweight champions with an awesome record, and with Vanessa by his side we can say that he also has an awesome girlfriend. Maybe you have seen her pictures along with her famous beau or just a picture by herself, but there isn’t much to find about who Vanessa Mariscal is, right?

Sure we know she is dating the Russian health graduate wrestler whom she met when she was a bartender a few years ago. She is 36 years old her height is 5’6” and weight is 143 pounds. Her astrological sign is Scorpio. Vanessa is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert, actually a purple belt, which is the third belt jitsu fighters earn, first is white then blue.

Vanessa took part in the Ultimate Women’s Combat Reality Show last year which was televised by NBC along with 15 other female fighters. You can check her MMA Profile here and you can see more pictures of Vanessa Mariscal in action here, she is the brunette.

Vanessa lives in El Segundo, California where she trains, teaches and co- owns VMAT training center along with her boyfriend, the gym gives training to adults and children and was founded about three years ago.

Doing some more research on her we found out that she likes heavy metal from Iron Maiden and Motorhead to alternative music like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, but she has her soft side too, whenever she gets in the mood for listening to Michael Jackson and Michael Franti which she also likes.

Vanessa also enjoys watching football on television and other times she will chill out watching Chelsea Handler or New Adventures of old Christine. When growing up Vanessa practiced football, but she also tried ballet, not kidding! In the end kickboxing won the battle.

"I am an athlete and I like to push my body to its limits, and I have never trained in any one thing that is as hard as mixed martial arts. There is nothing compared to it."  Vanessa said.

What can you tell us about this rough but sexy UFC girlfriend and fighter? Share your comments in the box below and check out the photos and Vanessa Mariscal’s video below.

Vanessa Mariscal Videos

Photos: Ann Owen

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One Response to “Vanessa Mariscal: Vladimir Matyushenko’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

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    Vanessa mariscal Says:

    Hi I’m Vanessa Mariscal. Vladimir Matyushenko is no longer my boyfriend. We still own our gym VMAT together.
    I am currently looking for fight #2.
    Let me know if I can provide a current pic.
    Thanks for your time.