Jessie Moses: Jon Jones’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 31, 2010

Jessie Moses is the loving, caring and absolutely beautiful girlfriend of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Would you like to get to know her better? Then follow us on this story where we will meet this stunning lady plus don’t miss Jessie Jones’ photos and video below.

Jessie Moses

Jessie Moses’ boyfriend as you know is a famous UFC champion and Law fan well actually Criminal Justice, which was what he planned to get his degree from college, but when he found out that his high school sweetheart was pregnant with his first child, he had to earn money to feed his new family so he turned to martial arts and lucky for him he totally nailed it since he is one of the best in his field. He doesn’t have to worry about his family’s expenses, but even though he is an awesome fighter one thing that he loves the most is his beloved Jessie and his two gorgeous girls, so let’s find out who Jessie is, whom the fab fighter gives a lot of credit for his successful career.

"This sport can turn you into somewhat of a celebrity. Leaving my parents’ home and going into this sport, could really confuse a young fighter. But being with Jessie it keeps things in check for me. It doesn’t get to my head, and I live the life of an older man. It keeps me in the house and grounded. Jessie is definitely a huge percentage of my success."

Twenty two year old Jessie Moses, an Endincott, New York native, met her handsome boyfriend when she was a junior at Union Edincott High School while he was a senior, but the story of how they fell in love is one of those you see in movies – the typical love at first sight crush that turned into real love.

A boring science class inside a lab room with walls way too white was the place he was when he saw her for the first time, shining like the most precious creature on earth she was,  it was all of the sudden there were only the two of them in the room. A pencil fell on the floor and he was the one who picked it up just to find her smile and those incredible eyes that met his. Time stood still and they were in love, well it was sort of how it happened really, I just spiced it up a notch. Here is how it happened.

Well, anyways after Jessie graduated from High School in 2006 she went to Broome Community College in Broome County, New York it was also known as Broome Technical Community College back in the 50’s, famous for their two year learning system which gives their students the possibility to choose the best schedule that works better for their time and lifestyles. And for Jessie who just found out she was pregnant just before 2007, her college of choice would work great for her.

Jessie Moses became the mother of a beautiful baby girl on July 11th, 2008, they named her Leah; now as a new mommy she managed to continue her studies at Broome where she graduated in 2009, just in time to welcome her second baby girl Carmen Nicole, who arrived into their beloved family in December, 2009. Sadly for them Daddy couldn’t be there since he was in one controversial fight in Las Vegas against  Matt Hamill, a fight in which he was disqualified after some illegal elbow punches that referee Mazzagatti decided was what put Hamill out of shape. But between you and me, I think Jessie’s man won since his opponent was done, not due to the elbows but he had an injury on his shoulder and leg. This loss was the first and only fight he has ever lost in his career (11 to be exact), but meanwhile he was getting DQ. Jessie, who was watching the fight at home in NY, was so upset about it and cried so much and went into labor (one week early) and that’s how little Carmen was born. By the way she was named after her late aunt (his daddy’s older sister) who lost her battle to cancer when she was just 18.

Jessie Moses, her beautiful girls, loving hubby and dog live just outside Ithaca, New York in a town where nobody knows them and they can be just a normal, beautiful and loving family.

Isn’t Jessie just lovely and gorgeous, what are your thought about her? Share your comments with us in the box below and while you take a second to think about that check out Jessie Moses’ photo and video below.

Jessie Moses 1

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    jessica Says:

    Too bad she doesnt have his first born! His first born daughters name is Shaelin. Shaelin lives in oklahoma with her mother Angela. So maybe Jon should stop lying about his children and igknowledge his first born child!