Kathrin Breitmaier: Sami Khedira’s Ex-Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 31, 2010

Have you ever met Kathrin Breitmaier? She is a stunning, sexy model and she also is Germany’s Sami Khedira’s ex-girlfriend who also joined Real Madrid. Why did they break up? When? Any chances of reconciliation? Keep reading to find out all about this story plus find out more about Kathrin Breitmaier and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

Sami Khedira

Kathrin Breitmaier’s ex boyfriend is living a new phase in his life, he is leaving his long time team ViB Stuttgart to join Spain’s Real Madrid which is a big step in his life and his career. It looks like his outstanding performances during the World Cup in South Africa paid off, after all he was the one who scored his team’s winning goal against Uruguay, and do you remember that many doubted about whether he will or will not focus on his work after his split from his long time girlfriend. They did break up just a month before but he committed to his country, team, coach, teammates and fans and he for sure didn’t let them down.

"The end of the relationship will not affect my performance at the World Cup." Said the soccer player about his breakup with Kathrin Breitmaier.

Why did they split up anyways? Well, no information about that was ever released, maybe you can give us a hand about that, some people thought that they were back together after they were spotted together at the Stuttgart’s end of season celebration party, but he did clear things up.

“We went there because we still get along as before and will stay friends.” 

When the news about the hot couple  splitting up was released, the news hit the web world wide from America to Asia and all over the news in Germany. Now that we know more about their relationship, maybe we can find out more about Kathrin Breitmaier? Unfortunately there isn’t much information about Kathrin, even though she is a model except for the fact that she is 21 years old. Some sources said that she is British, a model who first earned her soccer WAG status when she dated Manuel Neuer, with whom it’s uncertain when they ended their relationship or how long they dated. The next thing we found out about Kathrin is that she was romantically involved with the new Madrid player who she dated for three years until they became apart on April, 2010. About her career as a model there isn’t much either although we did find this picture of Kathrin Breitmaier on photographer Tobias Froehner’s Facebook page, where you can go and check that one out plus a few other beautiful pictures of the beautiful model.

What else do you know about her? What are your thoughts about this story? Do you think Kathrin Breitmaier is smoking hot? Check out the photos and video below.

Photos:  Wikipedia.org/Stefan Baudy  (http://www.flickr.com/people/92454606@N00)

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    karina Says:

    This information confused me…is manuel neuer dating someone or not? i mean this girl just use him to be famose or somenthing like that?
    and what about Sami Khedira? then is katherine breitmaier her complete name…well it supossed i dont really care about her but i care about neuer hahaha :P well thanks for the article anyway someday ill probably go to germany..lol well
    regards from Mexico
    bye =)