Rafaela Bassi: Felipe Massa’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 29, 2010

Meet the beautiful Rafela Bassi, she is Felipe Massa’s Wife. Maybe you have seen her in the pit or in pictures along with her famous hubby, but what do you really know about her?. Keep reading to find out more about Rafaela Bassi plus check out the photos and videos below.

Felipe Massa

Maria Rafaela Bassi is married to one of Brazil’s most recognizable drivers, in fact her husband is one of the best F1 drivers worldwide one of his most memorable races unfortunately will be that one in Hungary where he nearly got himself killed, but today he is ready and his stunning wife is by his side.

Rafaela Bassi was born in Brazil in 1978 making her 31 years old and two years older than her hubby. Her family owns “Guarana Brasil” which is a major Fashion label company in Brazil. She met her famous hubby in 2002 when he was fired from Sauber and both were partying at a local disco in Brazil, apparently Rafaela was a friend of his friend’s girlfriend. Check out a picture of the new couple here.

Rafaela once said that before meeting him she didn’t know much or anything about F1. She didn’t like it at all, in fact she doesn’t like it now, she referred to it by saying that it is a cold and unfriendly place, but she loves her husband more than anything, so whenever he needs her she is cheering for him.

Rafaela got married to her F1 stud on November 30th, 2007 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, here it was celebrated in style. For some time after their wedding we heard her hubby was ready for kids, but she wanted to wait a bit longer. She found out that she was expecting her first child some time around the last days of April and the first of May, it was a great surprise.

What definitely wasn’t a great surprise or happy news was in fact a very scary one when in July 2009 she was five months pregnant in Brazil and she saw her husband getting involved in a terrible accident while racing in Hungary.

A suspension spring from another racer’s car stoked him on the head causing him to lose control of his car and ended up in the tire barrier. His helmet saved his life, but his injuries were dangerous. He was airlifted to a hospital were he went into surgery and later into an induced coma. Rafaela flew to Budapest from Brazil with her in-laws. Luckily he recovered sooner than everyone thought he would and on the same day they were celebrating their two year anniversary (November 30, 2009) their son Felipinho Bassi Massa was born.

Her husband is back on the track and Rafaela and her little baby boy are with him. What do you think of this F1 WAG? Check out the photo and her video below.

Rafaela Bassi Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Kavi

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