Serena Kozakura is Japanese Big Breasts (Photos and Video)

March 3, 2008

Meet Serena Kozakura, the Japanese pin-up model whose big breasts (44 inches to be exact) saved her from a guilty verdict of property destruction. See photos, video and a biography of Serena Kozakura below.

serena kozakura

Last year, Kozakura was convicted of property destruction after a man claimed that she had kicked in the door of his room and she proceeded to crawl inside because he was with another woman. Kozakura says that the man made the hole himself. She appealed the guilty verdict handed down to her last year and because of her big breasts, her defense attorneys were able to show (by holding up a plate the size of the hole) that there was no way this busty woman could have even made it through the opening.

“I used to hate my body so much. But it was my breasts that won in court.”

After hearing the testimony, Judge Kunio Harada obviously agreed that Kozakura’s big breasts prevented her from going into the room through the hole and tossed the guilty verdict, stating that there was “reasonable doubt over the man’s account”. Kozakura even went on the air to show that she couldn’t fit through the hole. See the video below.

As a biography, Serena Kozakura (her professional name), is a 38-year-old Japanese bikini and fitness model. Unfortunately there’s not much else known about her (in English)…heh.

See more photos of the big breasts of Serena Kozakura below and here.

serena kozakura serena kozakura1

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8 Responses to “Serena Kozakura is Japanese Big Breasts (Photos and Video)”

  1. 1
    » Serena Kozakura - Japanese Model With Big Breasts! (Pictures) - Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner Says:

    […] inside – supposedly because she was furious that he was with another woman. The 38-year-old has a 44 inch bust and there was no way that she would have been able to fit through such a small opening. During the […]

  2. 2
    boob dood Says:


    Boobs squish. Down or to the side. She could have squeezed through that opening. The video shows her boobs sticking out beyond the opening. Big deal. I’ve squeezed a fair number of big boobs in my lifetime. Guess what folks, they’re malleable.

  3. 3
    Cornfed Says:

    I second the Shennanigans!!

    All this time I thought the Japanese were a pretty smart people. Reminds me of the OJ trial farce where they had him try on the bloody glove.

    If the tit don’t fit, you must aquit!

  4. 4
    Norski Says:

    I understand boob dood’s point.

    The ‘won’t fit’ defense seems dubious, at best.

    Particularly since most of the news focused more on the Serena Kozakura’s whiplash-inducing figure, and less on the trial’s details.

    Although she quite likely could have squeezed through the damaged door, physical evidence showed that she had not. Clothing that she wore at the time was undamaged, and her feet did not show the marks that would have been made while kicking in the door panel.

    She’s certainly guilty of being well out of the norm in her appearance, but it looks like overturning the previous verdict is reasonable.

  5. 5
    venkatesha Says:

    very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

    the thing here(in media) more is talking about her breast size rather than about case, her lawyer used that point of big breast to prove her unguilty, which is very interesting, i pitty for the man who doesn’t thinked and complained to court that she entered his house n kicked!!!1……
    anyway she got attention all over world(me indian living in indian I.T CAPITAL/HUB BANGALORE) read this news and watched in television,

    print/visual media covered this news very well and rest of matter sidelined……….

    i wish all the best to serena kozukara….

    venkatesha Madiwalar

  6. 6
    Chris Says:

    She might as well use those money makers for something useful. Too bad she don`t show them.

  7. 7
    Cher Says:

    oh, my God! are you kidding! her boobs could so very well have fit in there. what do you think mammograms are all about?! squish those things til they fit!! and with the emotion of jealously attached to her getting into her boyfriend’s home makes the squishing of her boobs that much more do-able. hell, hath no fury as a woman scorned.

    ps. so, right about the OJ comparison.

  8. 8
    serena's neighbor Says:

    I’m happy to report that Serena has just recently released a soft-corn porn video where her lovelies are on display…