Lorenzen Wright Found Dead

July 29, 2010

Former NBA player Lorezen Wright found dead! Reports say that his body was found yesterday in a wooded area outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Find out more saddening details and see photos and a video right here.

Lorenzen Wright 1

Just days after a family reportedly filed a missing person’s report, a body that suffered multiple gunshot wounds was discovered in a wooded area outside of Memphis, believed to be that of the missing NBA star, Lorenzen Wright, age 34. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

According to reports, Lorenzen Wright was reportedly last seen alive on July 18 when his family filed a missing persons report on July 22nd. It is said that Wright had placed a call to 911 dispatch at 1:00 am on July 19th before multiple gunshots could be heard. A news source reports that Lorenzen was shot “at least a dozen times and possibly as many as 18 times,” which probably implicates a “random act of violence”.

Wright’s family has issued a statement following the wake of his death:
“Lorenzen’s family has come together to mourn his loss and honor his legacy. appreciate your thoughts, prayers and condolences as they are comforting at this very difficult time. Additionally, we ask that you please respect our privacy as we try to cope with his sudden loss.”

Not only is his family grieving the loss of their beloved, but so are members of the NBA who remember Lorenzen as a remarkable athlete and human being. Grizzlies’ owner, Michael Heisley remembers a life gone to soon:

“Lorenzen never backed down from any challenge given him, whether it was guarding Shaq or anyone else. He was a team player, a great locker room guy. There was never an instance that I talked to him when he wasn’t positive. I am heartbroken. I’m sure there are a lot of people in Memphis who are very, very sad. He was a good man who had his share of tough times, and I’ve got to believe he’s in a better place.”

The former NBA player spent 13 years in the NBA and was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Investigators say that Wright was last seen visiting his ex-wife, Sherra Robinson Wright, and their children in Collierville, nearby Memphis, Tennessee. He leaves behind six children and a very loving family.

The investigation continues. Lorenzen Wright found dead, wow, what a tragedy. You may leave your sympathies for him and his family in the comment box below. Also, see photos and a video.

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