Female Condoms: HIV Prevention Campaign

July 29, 2010

Due to the high rate of AIDS in the Washington DC area, many community groups are passing out female condoms. HIV is an epidemic and this campaign aims to empower women in the fight. For all the information, including a video, keep reading below the photo.

HIV ribbon

Just last year a study in DC showed that for people over the age of 12, 3% have the human immunodeficiency virus or AIDS. They have a newer product that is said to be more comfortable and effective, and it gives women the ability to take protection into their own hands.

In that area, though sales are slow for now, CVS is selling the female condoms. HIV and AIDS prevention advocates are also going to pass out about 500,000 free products. The city is also advertising them on about a third of their public buses, about 460. Their slogan reads:

“Get turned on to it. The female condom with pleasure points for her and him — to tease, please and protect. Go on, give it a try.”

Though this isn’t the solution to the whole problem, it is a part of what sexually active people can do to stay safe.

“We’re hoping that this will just be part of their arsenal,” said Dr. Nnemdi Kamanu Elias. It’s something they themselves can initiate and they themselves have control over.”

The toughest part is convincing people that this product is a good option. Therefore they are trying to educate people on how to use it properly and how affective it is. With AIDS spreading at an alarming rate and still no cure, why not be extra careful?

“There’s all kinds of positive aspects of the female condom. The trick is educating people sufficiently that people can feel confident that it’s something they can use.”

There have been other products and ideas to help decrease the spread, for instance a gel. However any time there is contact, the risk is increased. That is why this prevention technique is being advertised so heavily.

What do you think about the campaign for female condoms? HIV and AIDS are scary things and I am all for anything that helps. Let me know your thoughts about this “different” kind of safe sex product, after you watch this video.

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