Denise Tatum: Jack Tatum’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 29, 2010

Denise Tatum was been a loving, supportive wife of former NFL player Jack Tatum, who died recently. Keep reading to know more about Denise Tatum and don’t miss the photos and videos below.

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Denise Tatum lived a wonderful life along with her husband and three children, now her children are all grown up and Denise is a lovely, caring grandmother who loves to spoil and spend time  with her grandchildren.

For Denise the time that she had the fortune of having her loving husband by her side will be treasured forever in her heart. She knew the story of why her husband got that awful nickname “The Assassin” but it was so far from the man she loved, a kind man who would change diapers in the middle of the night, who would feed her kids even if most of the baby food would end up on the floor. She enjoyed watching how her husband cared for their children, she admired the love and dedication he had when for long days and nights he took care of his sick father. All those memories are the ones Denise Tatum kept in her heart.

“I never fell in love with a football player. I fell in love with Jack. Changing far more diapers than I ever did, staying home with the kids, of him spending five years of mornings and afternoons feeding and caring for his father afflicted with Alzheimer’s. He’s the most kindhearted man I’ve ever known, the absolute best dad on the planet,” Denise said. It’s hurtful to hear what people say about [Jack] and [Stingley]. He did hurt over it. He did. He tried to reach out and do the right thing, but he was turned away. It was an accident, what happened. But he didn’t do anything wrong.” Denise Tatum Said.

She got married to the former Oakland Raider and Houston Oilers defensive back after he retired in 1980, she  never saw him play live, sure she might have seen him once or twice on television, but those days were in the past. When she became Mrs. Tatum she found a man that she never would have thought had been a football player except for his physique.

Denise and her husband had three children – Samuel, Dorian and their gorgeous girl Jestynn, sure they are all adults now, professionals, parents, but in a mother’s heart her children will always be that, her children.

Denise was a great support for her husband when he was diagnosed with diabetes and when in 2003 a clogged artery caused his left leg from the knee down amputated, or when he had his 5 toes amputated due to a staph infection caused by his diabetes, she saw him in a wheelchair and then saw him getting from that chair and living with a prosthetic limb afterwards.

Denise saw him suffer because of his illness and admired him when he founded the Jack Tatum Fund for Youthful Diabetes, which helps raise millions of money for research.

Denise Tatum lost her husband when he died due to a heart attack on July 27th, 2010 at Oakland Hospital at age 61, but the love they shared will stay with her forever.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her, her children, grandchildren, other family and friends. You can also express your condolences to Denise in the comments box below but first check out the video below.

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One Response to “Denise Tatum: Jack Tatum’s Wife (Photos, Video)”

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    cecelia tatum Says:

    I never had the opportunity to meet jack one ever told me whether he and I were related or not…Perhaps we will meet in heaven and we can talk then..My condolences to the Tatum reading what I do know about him, he sounds like he was an incredible man/person, inspite of the football incident.. There is no other judge but God..May the memories of Jack Tatum rest upon your hearts..