Brenda Stricklin: Jack Roush’s Plane Passenger (Photos, Video)

July 28, 2010

A new name is coming around the life of Jack Roush, Brenda Stricklin, but who is she? His friend? Assistant? For now we just referr to her simply as his Plane passenger so keep reading to find out who really is Brenda Stricklin or is it Strickland? Plus check out the photos and videos below.

Jack Roush

Brenda Stricklin’s plane pilot has been flying since 1983, he is also the co-owner, founder of Roush Fenway (Nascar Headquarter) Roush Enterprises and Roush Industries. On July 27th, 2010 he and Brenda were aboard his own plane, a Raytheon Beechcraft Premier 390, everything seemed to be going great but  when he attempted to land the aircraft he crashed at the Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin around 7:00 p.m.

The plane split in two, but thank God Brenda and her NASCAR pilot walked out of the plane safely. He was treated with non life threatening injuries and Brenda was taken to the hospital and released on Wednesday afternoon.

”Each exited the aircraft following the accident. Both were transported to local hospitals, with Roush in serious but stable condition and Stricklin with non-life threatening injuries. The NTSB is leading the investigation into the accident.”

But who really is Brenda Stricklin?

Her name is a hot search right now, some folks in the media are even saying her name as Brenda Strickland, but it is Stricklin for sure. Now we wonder who is she in the  famous pilot’s life?

Brenda has been called as his friend, some even said that she is his wife, but the truth is that Brenda Stricklin is his long time assistant and probably one of his more loyal friends.

Brenda Stricklin is 61 years old born in Plymouth, Michigan, this is not the first time she flew with him, but maybe her first near death experience and second for her long time boss. Do you know anything else about her? Would you like to leave your comments about this story? Check out the photo and video below.

Brenda Stricklin Video

Brenda Stricklin getting out of the plane Video

Photos: Ted Van Pelt

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