Jack Hanna: Grizzly Bear Pepper Spray Battle!

July 28, 2010

Last weekend while hiking with his wife, there was a real life example of the advice given by Jack Hanna. Grizzly bears approached them and he saved them by using pepper spray! For all the interesting details, including more photos and a video, keep reading below.

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“My heart was pounding Saturday night, I’ll tell you that,” he said. The famous zookeeper was at Montana’s Glacier National Park when a momma bear and her two large cubs started approaching. Thank goodness he kept his cool, and everyone was okay.

He is always trying to teach people how to handle animals and what to do in a sticky situation. Well after Jack Hanna’s grizzly bear encounter, him and his advice have some major credibility. He does admit that he has the same urges as the rest of us, but knew running wasn’t an option.

“Here comes a mama and yearlings, not cubs. Yearlings are about 100 to 150 pounds. You cannot run from these animals. They run a football field in six seconds.”

Therefore, like he has said before, he knew pepper spray was the answer.

“I unloaded the first blast and the wind blew the d**n pepper spray right away. He’s still coming, so I blast him again about 15 feet and he’s still [coming], ‘roar’, and he goes like that about 10 feet right in front of me. I had the pepper spray right in his face. I mean, I could just [have said] this is it for me. I just go ‘pssssh’ and unload the whole thing in his face.”

Now after the fact he wants to make sure the rest of us know how to handle a similar instance. He recommends having the large spray can with you, but if you don’t have that you could still be okay.

“What you don’t want to do is run. You put your arms in front of your face and protect your face. They’ll bat around you and bite you, and then they’re going to leave you alone. They’re telling you to stay away. They’re not trying to eat you.”

We all know that his line of work can lead to this kind of danger, and no one wants to see another tragedy like Steve Irwin. We need to take the precautions that these people suggest and take care of ourselves. What do you think about Jack Hanna’s grizzly bear encounter? Will it encourage you to be more careful in the wilderness? Let me know what you think below, after you check out these photos and video.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Patricia Schlein, HRC, Joseph Marzullo, John Saint-Hilaire

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2 Responses to “Jack Hanna: Grizzly Bear Pepper Spray Battle!”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    So glad they are ok!

  2. 2
    bf Says:

    I want everyone to be aware that neither mace nor pepper spray was used to deter this bear.
    The proper tool in this was BEAR SPRAY. NOT pepper spray, NOT mace.
    Neither pepper spray nor mace will have ANY affect on a charging bear. ONLY BEAR SPRAY marked as BEAR SPRAY and that has the EPA seal on it.
    You know when “experts” start using the wrong words a lot of damage could be done. Now we have people responding to some of these articles on Hanna and holding on to every word he says as truth and then making statements about mace or personal defense spray. GREAT! A bunch of hikers, hunters, cyclists, tourists and so on are going to go out and purchase pepper spray. Thanks Jack. C’mon! Please, be responsible about this. Think before you speak!
    And yes, I work with/for Grizzlies, Jack does not. I know more in this case. Sorry.