Ashley Evans Clarett: Maurice Clarett’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 27, 2010

Ashley Evans Claret also known as Ashley Evans is Maurice Clarett’s girlfriend and the mother of his little girl. Keep reading to know more about this young lady and don’t forget to check out the photos and Video below.

Maurice Clarett

Life hasn’t always been all sweet and happy for Ashley Evans Clarett, as many people also referred to her even though she is not married to her long time boyfriend and father of her little girl. She has raised her baby girl by herself, in this time we are living that is not an impossible thing to accomplish, but not the easiest.

Sure there were also so many times that she felt so very happy like the time when she met that handsome boy from Ohio, who would have thought that one guy that same young athlete will be one day the father of her child, or the one she would think of while crying herself to sleep.

Ashley Evans, a beautiful young girl from Youngstown, Ohio fell madly in love with the football player – he was handsome, athletic and had a terrific sense of humor, just what the doctor prescribed, for some time they were living the romance of the decade, but soon all that happiness was going to be overshadowed by sadness.

Ashley found out she was pregnant in the last months of 2005. What great news that was indeed, but she knew deep inside that she might have to spend her pregnancy and maybe giving birth alone without her child’s father. That thought wasn’t just heartbreaking for her, her boyfriend was about to face his upcoming sentence in jail, he also knew he will miss all those precious moments.

As her belly grew Ashley recalled that time when they were having a delicious breakfast at that dinner with her beloved boyfriend when his aunt’s condo caught on fire, how scary was that, the condo was severely damaged and then another memory that made the hairs of her arms rise up was back on March 31st when she accidentally made a left turn causing a terrible accident, sure she paid a fine, but it was still a scary thing.

But all those scary memories vanished away when she goes back in time and remembers that beautiful day on July 17th, 2006 when she became a mother of Jaden Marie, yes she was alone, but she won’t be anymore. She was holding tightly and tenderly that cute little girl in her arms just like the way she was holding her on September 2006 when Jaden was just 8 weeks old and her daddy was sentenced to three and a half years in jail. While he was in jail there was not a single day she was not thinking about him, their life together, marriage, more children perhaps and in her boyfriend’s mind those same things were what made him smile, what gave him the strength to go on, to fight, to be a better man and he expressed those on his blog.

Ashley and her 4 yeas old daughter are  still living in Youngstown, Ohio, there they will be waiting for daddy to come home and that day has finally come, he is a free man, today he will finish school at OSU, but most importantly he will enjoy the love of his beautiful Girlfriend Ashley Evans Clarett and his gorgeous girl.

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