Marlins Chris Coghlan’s Knee Hurt by Pie Celebration (Video)

July 27, 2010

Who would think that an innocent shaving cream pie could be responsible for hurting your knee to the point that surgery might even be needed, unthinkable, right? That was what Florida Marlins’ Chris Coghlan is living with. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out the photo and video about his knee hurt with pie below.

Pie Celebration

We have been hearing about Athletes getting hurt in the most unthinkable and even ridiculous situations. Not so long ago in fact last month we heard about Geoff Blum getting his elbow hurt while putting on his shirt, and in May it was Kenny Morales that broke his knee when he jumped on the plate while celebrating, sadly today it was Florida Marlins Chris Coghlan who hurt or as some might say he pulled a Kendry Morales, which sounds funny, but this guy is in misery so maybe it’s not so funny after all.

So how on earth can you get yourself hurt with a shaving cream pie? Of course you can’t get hurt with a pie, but with the celebration during the hitting of the face with pie it surely can.

And it was just what 25 year old Chris Coghlan, who is the NL Rookie of the Year with the Marlins, experienced after their game when they started their celebration with Shaving cream Pies, Coghlan jumped to pie Wes Helms but he landed wrongfully on his knee.

"It happened as I was going to pie Wes (Helms) in the face and when I jumped I landed on my knee wrong. That’s how I hurt it. Hopefully through this experience, obviously Kendry Morales’ was a little bit more serious than mine, but hopefully players around the league will realize that even though we’re all excited just to be a little bit more cautious, a little bit more safe when we celebrate. It was one of those freak things that happened. It took me 30, 45 seconds. I was like, ‘OK, something happened.’ Iced it after the game. Took that flight out there, which was real rough on my knee because of that elevation, flying seven hours, it was more swollen, the doc said, than it might’ve been.”

Next thing we found out is that Chris had a torn meniscus in his left knee, he had an MRI on Monday in San Francisco and doctors said that they’ll wait to see if there is or isn’t any need for surgery. For the moment Logan Morrison will replace him in their game and Chris might be out for 2-3 weeks but if he needs surgery he will be out 6-8 weeks.

The famous pie celebration is typically done towards the game’s hero mostly during an interview, after this incident the pie celebration has been banned.

What can you tell us about this incident? Like to express your wishes to Chris Coghlan? Check out the photo and video below.

Chris Coghlan Video
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