Sherra Wright: Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife (Photos, Video)

July 27, 2010

Sherra Wight is former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife and probably one of the last persons to see him alive. What does she really knows about the tragic and mysterious death of her ex? Was she involved in the murder? Was she arrested? More things have been revealed around the life of Sherra Robinson Wright and the death of the former NBA player. Keep reading to know this full story and don’t forget to check out the photos and videos below.

Lorenzen Wright

39 years old Sherra Robinson Wright has been divorced from her ex- husband for almost a year, he is now a former NBA player. He is a 6’11’ player from Memphis and played last year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There was a time that he once said that after his retirement he would like to become a coach, but at just 34 years old he might still have a chance as a player , but life took a unexpected twist.

About Sherra Wright unfortunately there isn’t much information we could find except for the fact that she has six children. Lorenze Jr., Lawson, Loren, Sofia and the twins Shamar and Lamar. Maybe you also remember the sad  and tragic news when Sherra’s 11 month old daughter Sierra Simone died in March 2003 at her house in Memphis, Tennessee. What terrible news that was, Sherra just checked on her baby girl who was in her crib around 10:30 a.m when she found out that she wasn’t breathing. She was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing the doctor could do for her. At that time Sherra’s hubby was playing with the Grizzlies, his teammates wore arm bands with his number on it for support. It was in Sherra’s baby girl’s memory that the Sierra Simone Wright Scholarship Fund was created.

Two years after this sad loss we heard once again of Mrs. Wright when in August 2005 she was left with a bloody hand and bruises on her face after her husband went to a woman’s house by the name of Cheryle Irby, where Sherra was at the time, allegedly the NBA center arrived at the house with a gun in his hand looking for his wife, took her to a room and then got out with those injuries, she never pressed charges and he said he never hurt her either.

Sherra and her hubby filed for divorce a year ago, she went to live in Whisperwood Drive on Collierville, Tennessee with her children and it was at her house that her ex- husband arrived to see his kids on July 18th. Sherra said he left the house sometime around 2:00 a.m came back and left again while she was already sleeping and that someone picked him up, although she had no idea who that was.

He was seen the following day at the New Era Barbershop looking like his normal self where he said that he was going to some try outs in Atlanta he left with a friend in an old silver Chrysler 300, but he didn’t want to said how “the friend” look like. But on July 21st when there were no sings of him and no one could get in touch with him either, Sherra’s former mother in-law reported her son as missing.

After doing some investigations there are files that stated that him and Sherra owned many properties almost all of them have been foreclosed by the bank, after they were not able to pay their loans.

Authorities thought there was no evidence of foul play, but his family didn’t have the same opinion, everything was way too weir, just not like him even more when he was supposed to meet his kids and a family friend to drove back to Atlanta, He never showed up. Then it was Sherra who begged authorities or anyone to give some information to find him. A terrible and sad news was revealed to Sherra Wright, her kids and family on July 28th. when Police found her ex-husband’ dead body, reports said that on July 19th around 12:05 a.m a 911 dispatcher received a call from his cell phone, but the only thing that could be heard was about ten gunshots, when they tried to call him back there was no answer, she also said there couldn’t trace the call, but no luck since it was not in their jurisdiction.
His body was found in a wooden area across the road from the TPC Southwind golf course near Hacks Cross and Winchester also known as Callis Cutoff a road he used to take as a short cut to his mother’s house.

As investigations began, Sherra Wright’s statements didn’t fit in the investigation she said he left around 2:00 a.m, but the 911 call was at 12:05, her neighbors said that they saw she light a fire days after her ex’s disappearance, it was also informed that three gunman were at her house on May looking for her ex-husband, Mr. Wright’s assistant revealed she had some taped where Sherra threatens to harm her ex if she sees him with another woman when she was allegedly dating which reminds me that there is also rumored that her boyfriend and Mr. Wright had an agreement and let’s not forget the barber he also said he cut his hair on the 19th and why on earth didn’t the 911 call got traced sooner?
Police search Sherra’s house questioned her and took some items from her house and took a look at the place where she lit that fire, but didn’t arrested her as some rumored said she was. According to police reports the woman who was taken for questioning from Herb Wright’s house was a relative, but we don’t know what she knows, or her name, we do have a video of that news below. Sherra denies been involved in anything regarding her ex’s murder, her lawyer also spoke on her behalf.

His death has shaken the entire nation, her children lost a great father and friend, his mother and other family lost a beloved and caring son, now people wonder how does Sherra Wright really feels about his death? Was she involved? Does she knows who did it? Is the barber involved? Share your comments with us on the comments box below. Check out the photos and video.


Sherra Wright Video

Sherra Wright Ex-husband’s dead News Video

Sherra Wright’s house Video

Woman taken by police regarding Wright’s murder video
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  1. 1
    Janette Says:

    My prayers are with the family. My son went to school with their eldest son Snoop and they were close for a time. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. Sherra I am faithfully praying for you and your family.

  2. 2
    stephen Says:

    ive been a fan since the tigers and man my heart hurts. GOD bless my prayers go out to the family

  3. 3
    mark Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Hare krishna.

  4. 4
    BMAYS Says:


  5. 5
    observant Says:

    ‘He left her house at 2am’

    911 call of his murder was recorded at 1am.

  6. 6

    Sherra, you KNOW you know far more about his death than you are telling. I watched your clip and caught the comment “he WAS” okay… as in PAST tense — you messed up. Your drug habit is inexcusable. You have children who need a healthy parent. He’s gone and you will be locked up when the Memphis police finish their job. You might end up MISSING if karma decides to come looking for you. Question. Why the hell did you have to have him shot so many times? I hope you see his face every time you look at the kids.

  7. 7
    sonya Says:

    sherra u know what happen please come forward for the children sake and his parents do the right thing

  8. 8
    when times get hard get on ur knees n pray Says:

    only God,wright(rip) n the heartless people involved know wht truley happened. theres no punishment like the one God can put on u,n u can lie to n e one but him n urself. lets keep n mind tht the main concern is those kids who have lost a father so lets not b quick to judge bc one day we too will b. may God bless the family! a kindhearted man has been taken from this harst world. rip guy n it was a pleasure being able to meet u.

  9. 9
    Beautiful Says:

    She’s very flaky.

  10. 10
    big dog Says:

    the dam barber should be punished too for trying to throw off detectives

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