Tony Hawk Skate Crash (Video)

July 26, 2010

An injured legendary skateboarder is recovering after a terrible fall at the Action Sports Weekend event. The Tony Hawk skate crash video can be viewed right here! Find out more details and see photos, too!

Tony Hawk

The thrill-seeking professional trickster on a skateboard, Tony Hawk, suffered injuries resulting from what sounds to have been a pretty painful crash! Be sure to see pictures and videos right here!

According to reports, the Action Sports Weekend event took place on Saturday in Anaheim, California for thrill-seekers of all ages. The fun-filled festival was an all-weekend event from July 23-25th which included various festivities for all ages to enjoy.

Sounds like an enjoyable time! But what couldn’t have been more exciting as its main event featuring the talented Tony Hawk, do not try this at home guy! It is reported that:

“The skating legend suffered a sheared pelvis with a severe hematoma. Tony took a hard fall Saturday at the Downtown Disney demo and left by ambulance. Many people have been expressing their concern, and Tony wanted to say thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Tony continues to post updates on his Twitter feed”.

Hawk’s latest update in a tweet via Twitter reads:

“Sorry Anaheim, but that was a rough one. Getting CT scans now, hope I didn’t scare anybody. Did a tailbone 5 & my foot was a little off, sent me into b/s revert (chicken-neck) to flat. Hit my back & head HARD. Waiting on CT results. ”Pelvic vertical shear injury” & a hematoma in a pear tree is the semi-official diagnosis. All I know is: I can’t lift my legs & it sucks. Thank you for all the well wishes. Hooray for morphine & fentanyl, big fan. I will no longer take walking for granted. Just took a 20-foot stroll around the room; it might as well had been 20 miles. Waaah. My deepest grattitude to the staff at UC Irvine Trauma Center. If you are going to get seriously hurt, I recommend being near there.”

You can see actual footage of the Tony Hawk skate crash video by clicking here.

We wish you a quick recovery and hope that you get well very soon! Leave your best wishes in the comment box. Be sure to check out more photos and see another video of the skating king below.

Tony Hawk Photo 1Tony Hawk Picture 2Tony Hawk Photo 3

Photos: Eddy

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    Stacy Says:

    Wow that’s a scary crash. Get better soon Tony!