Macarena Pescador: Alberto Contador’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 26, 2010

Macarena Pescador is Alberto Contador’s beautiful long time girlfriend. Keep reading to find out who is this stunning Española and don’t forget to check out the photos and videos below.

Alberto Contador

The Beautiful Macarena Pescador is a gorgeous brunette from Spain, like her famous boyfriend who since they were just a couple of teenagers has been a constant support in his personal life and career.

Macarena’s boyfriend just won the Tour de France this year, adding his third French title to his record, he already won in 2007 and 2009. When he is not on his bike he and Macarena can be spotted  relaxing on the beach, shopping or just enjoying each other’s company. There is almost zero information about her, we do know that she is 24 years old, knows her boyfriend since they were very young  in fact she was just a cute little fifteen year old young lady and he was seventeen years old. Ever since that time they became really good friends and when they really started dating it’s really not sure, but they have been together for almost ten years and there are currently living together in Madrid. It is there that her boyfriend has a fascination with birds and at the house he shares with Macarena he has his own breed of goldfinches and canaries.

When he is competing, Macarena is always well, not always but most of the time by his side, we had the opportunity to see her picture when he won the Giro d’ Italia on June, 2008 where Macarena commented how she felt.

"great satisfaction, now people will understand that they were wrong".

Then again she was cheering for him along with her mother in-law when he won the 2009 Tour de France, then again this year she was with him in France and once again he dedicated his victory to Macarena. And if you are wondering if after so many years of dating they will get married any time soon? The answer is not in their plans yet, well at least in his check out what he said when someone asked him if he will marry Macarena soon, even though she is now known as his fiancée.

“It’s still too soon for making plans like that. She, like the rest of the key people in my life, knows me and knows what’s important for me at any given moment. She helps me keep my feet firmly on the ground. But my life is not all exciting, despite people always wanting to know about it. I have very ordinary tastes and try to hang around with friends that I’ve known all my life.”

Perhaps Macarena feels the same way, they are both still young and if we can’t still have a chance to see them together, we guess that is ok with us too. Do you know anything more about her? Please tell us what you think about this couple? and don’t forget to check out the video below.

Photos: Haggisni

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