Monique Gooden: Dwight Gooden’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 25, 2010

Monique Gooden is also known as Monique Moore and she is Dwight Gooden’s Wife and mother of his children. Recently she has found herself abandoned, unprotected and with no money. Why? Where is Gooden? Keep reading to know this full story plus check out the photos and video below.

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Monique Gooden’s husband has had a long history of legal trouble from drugs, DUI, Hit and Run, Child support and domestic violence. Regarding these last two it was Monique who had to suffer.

Columbia, Maryland native Monique Moore  moved in with the famous and troubled player while he was in the middle of his battle with his former wife and mother of his other children. She became a mother of Dylan Gooden on November, 2004, but the first time we heard of Monique was on March 13th,  2005 when she called 911 and reported that her fiancĂ©e and father of her one year old boy allegedly hit her on the forehead with his closed fist. Her beau was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after police saw that there was a concussion starting to be visible on Monique’s face.

Apparently on that Saturday night both got into an argument that ended up with Moore punching Gooden on the head with the phone who later hit her back with the same phone. After this case went to court he was ordered to stay away from her and both were to return to court on June. After this episode he requested shared custody of Dylan plus a paternity test even though he had already admitted he was the infant’s father. Four years later we found out that Monique was now Mrs. Gooden they got married in January 2008. She was expecting her second child, a girl was going to be born in February, she was enjoying her life as a married woman with a gorgeous son another on the way, and a sober husband, who found peace in Christianity and attended Narcotics Anonymous.

"His wanting to change is what did it. He’s a totally different person now. We’re starting a new life here together. It’s like he’s starting over again, and I am very happy for him. I really am." Said Monique Gooden.

But then what happened this year? On July 24th, 2010 Monique Gooden and her children, 5 year old Dylan and 4 month old Milan were living in separate homes from Gooden since May were abandoned by their father with no food, money or insurance. Monique went back to Maryland and there she requested help from social services.

"He’s left us with no money. When I got here to Maryland, I had to go apply for social services, food stamps and health insurance for the kids. He has offered no financial assistance to us. You know what, right now I’m so stressed, I’ve been so stressed that every day has been a struggle for me," she told the paper. "I just want support for the kids at this time . . . I just want to take care of them."

Monique Gooden said that the last time she saw him was at the Bergen County Family Court on June 22nd. She said that back in May he was holed up in a hotel in New Jersey. Both of them are due to be in court in August and he will be honored next weekend when he is going to be inducted in the Mets Hall of Fame.

Have any comments about this story? Care to express your thoughts to Monique? You do know that he already has an alleged history of owing child support to his former wife right? What do you think is going to happen now? Check out the photo and video below.


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7 Responses to “Monique Gooden: Dwight Gooden’s Wife (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    OMg what a complete jerk he is, here is hoping soemthing good happens for Monique soon.

  2. 2
    Duchess Says:

    What goes around comes around! Doc abandoned his first wife (they were not yet divorced) and their 4 young kids to go be with Monique (and you think she didn’t know that), and now she has the nerve to go cry to the papers looking for sympathy because Doc ended up doing the same thing to her? Please! I feel sorry for the kids, but Monique got exactly what she deserves!

  3. 3
    miss get it straight Says:

    Monique Left one important thing out…. SHE was having an affair with dwight when he was still married with wife then Monica they had 4 children and Monique didn’t care what dwight was doing to her. She was showing up at functions in front of Monica flashing herself as a mistress. and she wants sympathy… boo hoo she got what she deserves what goes around comes around. I feel for the children only… Why did she think she was so special and that dwight wouldn’t do it to her? She was a fool. She got pregnant trying to trap that man. Why else would you quit your job as a flight attendant and have a baby from a man who is battling crack addiction? He is a fool but she is definitely a bigger fool.

  4. 4
    salsa Says:

    This is to answer miss get it straight First of all she was not having an affair yes she met him before he was divorced an affair no and she is an educated women witha college degree and has always worked and ha d to quit her job as an flight attendant which was 4 yrs ago to take care of there son and soon became a teacher and got married to him and he abandoned her and the kids just trifling.Everyone makes mistakes in life but no one should not take responsibility and take care of there family.

  5. 5
    salsa Says:

    Also Monique comes from a well to do family and not the projects or she was 34 when she had her son and Monique could get any man she wanted with a lot more and less headaches but she loved him

  6. 6
    Tequila M Says:

    Monique is a wonderful person, comes from a greaat family. No one has the right to judge her on any terms. I pray all works out for her and her children. God is good Mo as you have told me… God is the way.

  7. 7
    Doc Says:

    They both got what they deserved. Having extramarital affairs always leads to problems. No, she’s not a wonderful person for taking him when he was still married. God is the way and she needs not to be a hipocrite. She needs to stay away from him, then she needs to repent and if he comes back around, show God that she is sincere and stop commiting adultry with him.