Grand Teton Climber: Search Continues (Video)

July 22, 2010

For the missing Grand Teton climber, search efforts have continued as 16 other hikers were rescued Wednesday after lightning struck the beautiful Wyoming mountain. Continue reading below plus see photos and video as well.

Grand Teton

There were three different groups of hikers on the mountain at the time of the lightning strikes, and out of the 17 who were on the mountain at the time of the storm, 16 have been rescued.

Of the missing Grand Teton climber, search efforts for the gentleman is underway again today. He reportedly fell off a cliff during the storm. It’s unclear how he fell, whether it was from the lightning strike or if he had suffered a concussion. Jackie Skaggs, spokeswoman for Grand Teton National Park, said:

“He did go over a cliff. His climbing party lost sight of him, which sounds quite serious. But his condition is unknown at this point. It’s vertical terrain. It’s possible that he fell some distance.”

The climbers were 13,770 feet high, with rescue efforts taking over eight hours which included two helicopters and over 20 rangers. Darkness prevented the Rangers to continue to look for the missing hiker. Three rangers spent the night in a rescue hut so that they could start their search at sunup.

All of the 16 that were rescued were transported to a hospital in Jackson, Wyoming. They reportedly all suffered injuries from the lightning strikes. Dr. A.J. Wheeler said:

“Multiple patients reported being struck three, four, five times. We saw a whole range of injuries from bumps and bruises to lightning burns and electrical injuries to secondary trauma from being thrown by lightning strikes.”

As the missing Grand Teton climber search continues today, we hope and pray that he will be found. Our thoughts are with his family. You can see video below of an interview with Ms. Skaggs giving Today Show anchor Ann Curry and update on the rescue.

Grand Teton


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