Ralph Houk Dead at 90

July 22, 2010

MLB Ralph Houk dead at 90. Unfortunate news for Major League Baseballs fans around the world with the passing of this incredibly talented team player. Find out more saddening details and see photos and a video right here.

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Legendary MLB athlete and manager Ralph Houk has died Wednesday at his Winter Haven, Florida home at the age of 90. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

Ralph Houk, also known as The Major, reportedly passed away of natural causes. Houk’s grandson, Scott Slaboden, confirmed the unfortunate news of his death, sharing this of his beloved granddad:
“He was an avid golfer and fisherman. He fished up until about two weeks ago. He had to give up golf, but he was very active later in his life. I remember the years when he was in Boston, they were so much fun. Growing up in Wellesley it was so great having him around those years because we were able to spend time with him and get to be with him. He lived quite a life. He did a lot of things in baseball.’’

Even though he leaves behind a legacy of success, he will be most remembered for all of his biggest accomplishments. He attributed his many talents to all of the MLB association. Incredibly, he managed 3,157 games and won 1,619 over 20 seasons with the Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Red Sox, altogether. Now that’s major! Most notably, he helped aid in the Yankees two World Series championships in the 1960s.

Others in the league take a moment to remember Ralph Houk:

Manager Bobby Cox:
“I loved Ralph Houk. He was just outstanding. He was a great guy. I’m sorry to hear that, but he was up there [in age].”

Hall of Famer, Al Kaline:
“Ralph was a great baseball man who handled his players well and they played hard for him. He was well-respected and a fun guy to be around. I enjoyed playing for him during my last year.”

Tigers Manager Jim Leyland:
“I remember what a tough guy he was. He was a tough guy. As I said when Ernie [Harwell] died, I think that’s a life you celebrate. I didn’t know Ralph all that well, but I knew him pretty good.”

Ralph’s death comes shortly after the passing of the New York Yankees original owner, George Steinbrenner.

As many morn the death of The Major, you may leave your thoughts for Ralph Houk, dead at 90, in the comment box. May you rest in peace! Also, see photos and a video clip of the memorable athlete and manager below.

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