‘Kate Plus 8’ Labor Permits Defended

July 22, 2010

Rules regarding movies and regular TV shows are much clearer than the ones for a reality series. However, ‘Kate Plus 8’ labor permits seem to be in order, and Pennsylvania’s authorities are standing by it. Continue for more details on the drama, including more photos and a video too!

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When cameras are “always” rolling it is tough to tell when work is actually going on. Well according to State Rep. Thomas Murt, the sextuplets are being exploited, and he wrote to the attorney general pleading for justice!

According to the rules, children under the age of 7 (her sextuplets are six) can only work between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, and for only 18 hours a week (during the school year). Each school day they can only work 4 hours, and on no day can they work more than 5 hours without a break. Back in May they were investigated to ensure that ‘Kate Plus 8’ labor guidelines were being adhered to.

Reality television does produce some gray areas, since filming goes on around the clock, but the family is not necessarily always “working.” However it can be a lot to ask of such young children. Regardless, the labor department maintains that TLC and the show are not doing anything that is prohibited.

“Reality television is a new area of entertainment. However, Labor & Industry assured during its investigation, visit to the site, and issuance of permits that protections applied to these children and that they were not unlawfully exploited.”

Murt still argues that the permits aren’t legal and that action should be taken. He will have a tough road if Pennsylvania remains as strong as they are now.

“The permits apply legal protections governing hours and education, restrict activities, require that the Department have access to filming in Pennsylvania and mandate that earnings continue to be conserved for the children.”

Though there have been many family issues and questions about all the drama surrounding these innocent children, it seems that as far as the ‘Kate Plus 8’ labor guidelines are concerned, that is in order. What do you think of the claims? Are they actually working too much? Let me know below after you check out these pictures and video that makes their “work” look like fun.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Ray Filmano

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One Response to “‘Kate Plus 8’ Labor Permits Defended”

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    Reader 49 Says:

    Having a camera follow you around all day is not exploiting? Having your personal life shown to the world as a form of entertainment is not exploiting? Being used as living props in manufactured situations for the “show” is not exploiting? Man, what do the legislators in PA not understand about exploiting.

    I want to see Kate and the kids trotting out to the henhouse this winter when they are knee deep in snow to gather eggs. I see five chickens in that clip and a chicken might lay one egg a day so they are still way short feeding the kids their scrambled eggs every day.

    The kids are adorable but so are all kids. This show stopped being about the kids when Kate decided she was the real star and thought she could just segue this into a performing career for herself. If that is not exploiting your kids, I don’t know what is.