Jimmy Johnson: Survivor Nicaragua Contestant!

July 21, 2010

Um, seriously? Former Cowboys’ coach Jimmy Johnson – Survivor Nicaragua contestant? Yep, you heard it right here, folks. Supposedly it’s true! Read more about this story plus photos and video below.


Can’t you just see it now? All the flack he’s gonna get from Howie, Terry and the rest of the gang over at Fox. Let the ‘Jimmy Johnson Survivor Nicaragua’ jokes begin, Frank Caliendo!

It’s hard to believe that this will be the 21st installment of the popular CBS series, and it’s been reported by ESPNDallas.com that 67-year-old Johnson is part of the cast. He is not the only Dallas Cowboy to have made an appearance on the show. You may remember back in 2005, Gary Hogeboom (QB 1980-1985), appeared in the Survivor: Guatemala season. He took 7th place.

So how will this affect his FOX NFL analyst duties this fall? Evidently it won’t. Looks like filming will wrap up before the season begins. In fact, reports suggest that Johnson and the rest of the contestants have already been filming as of late June.

The show will premiere some time in September, but no word yet as to who the rest of the contestants are.

I’ve not watched the show in years. Frankly I just grew tired of it. This time around, I may just have to tune in. Come on, wouldn’t you want to see Jimmy in the jungle trying to survive without his can of hairspray? How the hell is he going to achieve that ‘perfect’ ‘do? Now *that* would be a sight to see, eh? Wait, do they still get to bring a luxury item? Heh.

It’s interesting to note, he apparently has wanted to be on the show for quite some time. He was to have been part of the Survivor: Gabon season (2008) but did not pass the physical.

So let’s open it up for discussion, friends. What are your thoughts on the whole ‘Jimmy Johnson Survivor Nicaragua’ news? Will you be watching? You can bet I will be! Check out a video of JJ below.


Photos: www.wenn.com

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