Janis Norman: Greg Norman’s Sister (Photos, Video)

July 19, 2010

Janis Norman is Golf legend Greg Norman’s sister. We have seen her sometimes at the golf course, but today she is revealing some interesting details about her former sister in-law. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out the photos and videos below.

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Janis Norman has kept her life away from the spotlight her brother has, but today she has spoken her mind about her brother’s former wife and tennis player Chris Evert.

Since she has chosen to stay way from all the crazy life most brothers and sisters of famous celebrities in showbiz and sports have, it was so hard to find any information about Janis Norman, she has been her family’s support and the same for her brother who could always count on Janis

It would be really risky to say that like her famous brother she was also born in Mount Isa, Queensland in Australia, or if she is younger or not, oh wait that I know she is indeed the golfer’s big sister and we can tell you that her father was Merv Norman and her mother Toini Norman and sure her brother is Greg.

It was because she cared so much about her family and suffered with them that has driven Janis to talk about her former sister in-law who in her opinion, was ever since she met the golfer very jealous of his popularity and success.

“She [Evert] became very dominating and controlling and it became very apparent she was treating my brother badly. We all saw it, including his friends. We all agreed that she did not like the fact that Greg had a higher profile, and that she was now taking a back seat”.

For Janis it was evident that things would go from bad to worse in that marriage since day one, and her brother would be the one who suffers.

“It was all about Chrissie and her family. She hardly spoke to us. She kept all of Greg’s family in the background. Mum and Dad didn’t even get an invite on to the main bridal table for the reception. It was the beginning of the end. Janis Norman also remember Evert’s wedding speech. It was so insensitive, no thought went into it, it was heartless. It was the first time I realized who the real Chrissie was.”

Which after all the dark days she recalled that now she was so happy and couldn’t help but to mention her new sister in-law and the great joy she feels about her brother finding love and seeing him so happy.

“I get a lovely feeling about them. They complement one another. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is a very accomplished woman but does not feel the need to be in the driver’s seat.” Said Janis.

Wow! This lady really knows how too stand up for her family, or not? What do you think about Janis Norman? Leave your comments below, while you get the chance to take a look at the photo and video right here.


Photos: www.wenn.com/ Fayes Vision

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