FDA: Weight Loss Pill Rejected!

July 19, 2010

Latest news from the FDA – weight loss pill Qnexa has been rejected by a panel with a vote of 10-6, specifying the drug poses some safety risks if taken long term. Get more details of this story plus see photos and a related video below.

Weight loss pill

Since the news of the FDA weight loss pill rejection became known late last week, it certainly is a wake up call to other diet pill companies, namely Arena Pharmaceuticals and Orexigen Therapeutics Inc, who are due to have their own diet pills evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the next several months.

So what exactly did the panel find? Although they all agreed that yes, patients did lose weight, the fact of the matter is that the side effects offset that. Some unsettling effects include “memory lapses, suicidal thoughts, heart palpitations and birth defects”. Kenneth Burman, panel chair, had this to say:

“Some of these side effects are serious and could be life-threatening and must be weighed against a relatively modest weight loss.”

Seriously! I mean, would you really consider taking this diet pill if you were told that some potential side effects included suicidal thoughts? Um, that would be a no brainer for me. Besides, we all know that in order to lose weight you need to watch what you eat and exercise. Plain and simple. Enough said.

While results of the study did look promising for Qnexa, which you can read in detail here, one woman gained just about all the 50 pounds she had lost while on the pills after she went off of them.

Of course, Vivus, Inc., the company who put out Qnexa, is disappointed with the FDA’s ruling, and unfortunately saw their stock plummet over 50% Friday.

What happens now? Reportedly a decision will be made by the FDA on October 28th if they will approve the drug or not. Looks like Vivus has been told that approval could be granted if they conduct another study group of patients – 10,000 of them. According to Reuters, that would be to the tune of $150 million. Yikes!

I’d like to know your thoughts on the FDA weight loss pill rejection. Do you agree that this should not be approved? Check out a related video below.

Photo: Flickr.com/selva

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6 Responses to “FDA: Weight Loss Pill Rejected!”

  1. 1
    Donna Says:

    This is finally an effective weight loss tool. For those who struggle and have for years, we see something that would provide help and the FDA (does that stand for Federal Dumb-Asses?) rejects it. How many approved drugs have side effects three pages long? Yet because of the benefit they provide they approve those? So list the side effects, let people decide for themselves. Wake up FDA, there’s an epidemic you’re ignoring!!!

  2. 2
    Elle Says:

    Donna, I agree that the FDA are a crew of idiots, as they approve drugs based on the need for the “benefits” they provide rather than disapprove them for the legnthy possible side effects, including deadly ones, as this need will fill their pockets as well as the pockets of drug companies nationwide.

    However, I disagree with your statement regarding freedom of choice when it comes to these drugs with deadly potential. A lot of people do not stop to read the side effects when taking a diet pill, and if they do read them, they disregard them, as they really only care about losing the weight, so they are willing to try anything. I believe it is up to the FDA to provide protection for the people who are too dumb to read the side effects and those dumb enough to ignore them. Unfortunately the FDA don’t give a flying **** about the health or safety of the people and are only concerned with the size of their bank accounts, which is why they are approving the dangerous pharmaceuticals that they are…Amazing, though, is that they are disapproving some that could potentially have a profound effect on their income in a good way!

  3. 3
    johanna Says:

    I hate to tell you Mrs Think You Know It All, “Besides, we all know that in order to lose weight you need to watch what you eat and exercise. Plain and simple. Enough said.” Losing weight for some isn’t simply about diet and exercise. For some people no matter how they alter their diet and how much they exercise they simply cannot lose weight. This pill may have helped them…Unless you are overweight, you do not need to be talking about how easy it is to lose it because you have no idea…

  4. 4
    weight loss guide Says:

    two things go back to the drawing board, that pill and the company still has hope backed by research. and second i dont understand why lorcasrin was approved then

  5. 5
    Savannah Nebesnik Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. We’re always looking for valuable resources to share with clients and my colleagues, and this article is absolutely worth sharing!

  6. 6
    Meratol Says:

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