Nel-Mare Oosthuizen: Louis Oosthuizen’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 18, 2010

Have you met the beautiful and kind Nel-Mare Oosthuizen? She is Louis Oosthuizen’s Wife and she is celebrating with her husband his recent golf victory. Keep reading to find out a few details about her plus check out Nel-Mare Oosthuizen’s photo and videos below.

Louis Oosthuizen

Maybe at the World Cup in South Africa their national team couldn’t claim any titles and the great Nelson Mandela wasn’t celebrating, although I think he was after all it was a great thing to have such big event in their country, but he and many South Africans are celebrating now with one of their beautiful country’s son who today just won the British Open on the same day Mr. Mandela is celebrating his 92nd. birthday.

But this amazing golfer was not alone actually most of the times he is never alone his lovely wife Nel-Mare and his gorgeous daughter are always by his side.

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen joined her husband at the golf course after he was named the new British Open Champion. She was holding her little baby daughter Jana who is just eight months old on her arms to give him a hug and a kiss. Nel-Mare and Jana were also at the golf course when he won the Open de Andalucia de Golf in Spain on March 28th. Did you get a chance to see their pictures in Andalucia?

Nel-Mare went to college at Stellenbosch University where she graduated in 2000. She got married to her super golfer hubby in 2007, She welcomed baby girl Jana in November, 2009. When they are not traveling with daddy to cheer for him on the golf course they can be spotted at their home in Mossel Bay in Western Cape, South Africa or at their farm near to her in-laws’ house in Mossel Bay.

There isn’t much information about the lovely Nel-Mare aside from what we already shared with you, but maybe these details might get your attention. We found out that Nel-Mare’s hubby has his and her initials on his ball stamped on the side and their wedding date on a silver coin. But for now that’s about it. Do you know any more about this beautiful South African? Check out Nel-Mare Oosthuizen’s photos and video below.

Nel-Mare Oosthuizen Video


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