Amanda Logue: Murder Trial for Porn Star!

July 18, 2010

For Amanda Logue, murder trial is what is next for this porn star. She and her boyfriend, also an adult film actor, allegedly killed a tattoo shop owner in New Port Richey, Florida. Read more about the story plus see photos and video below.

Amanda Logue

She was a model who called Georgia her home. He was a DJ from England. For both Jason Andrews and Amanda Logue, murder charges in the first degree have been handed down by a grand jury following the death of tattoo shop owner Dennis ‘Scooter’ Abrahamsen in May.

Reportedly Amanda and her boyfriend allegedly beat Abrahamsen with a sledgehammer to death and their trail of text messages to each other before the murder is what authorities say prove that they killed him.

Andrews: “I’m so glad you’re really commited (sic) to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc (sic) for me!”
Logue: “I’m (expletive) exited (sic) … I want to (have sex) after we kill hum (sic).”
Andrews: “You just get him relaxed and face down … Take. Your. Time.”

Logue reportedly was invited to Abrahamsen’s home for a party, where he allegedly hired her to have ‘sex on camera‘. Andrews apparently was waiting in his car in front of the home. The following day, Abrahamsen’s body was found in the house by a relative, blood visible on the walls and ceiling fan.

Authorities believe that the murder was committed by the two on May 15th, and later, after taking Abrahamsen’s cash, credit cards and video camera, they were arrested after trying to use one of the stolen cards on May 18th. Unfortunately, insufficient evidence at that time connecting them to the murder allowed the two to be freed. They went on the run, separately and ultimately Amanda was arrested May 26th, and just this past Thursday, Jason was arrested as well.

Amanda has denied her part in the killing and instead has laid the blame on Andrews. An affidavit revealed:

“Logue told (the detective) that Andrews grabbed the back of her hair then twisted her arm behind her back. Andrews forced her to view Abrahamsen’s crushed skull and told her that’s what would happen to her if she told anyone.”

What do you think of that, folks? Do you believe Amanda Logue? Leave me your thoughts plus see photos and video as well.

Amanda Logue

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2 Responses to “Amanda Logue: Murder Trial for Porn Star!”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    What a terrible and shocking news this is, it almost sounded like taken from a movie. So sad that this kind of things happened in real life.

  2. 2
    mmccall60 Says:

    I think the text messages the two had concerning the murder said it all. There is no defense for either party based on that. So this trial’s verdict will be an easy outcome. Question is will they get the death penalty?