Vaneisha Robinson: LeBron James Pendant Thief? (Photos, Video)

July 17, 2010

Actually Vaneisha Robinson isn’t LeBron James’ pendant thief, she did pay for it. What are the latest news regarding the King’s lost bling? Did he recover it? Who has it? Did she get reward money? Keep reading to know more about this girl, updates about the famous jewelry and so much more plus don’t forget to check out the photo and video below.

Vaneisha Robinson

Vaneisha Robinson Picture

Vaneisha Robinson was born in Akron, Ohio on October 14th, 1990 to La’Starr Robinson who raised her as a Christian. She went to Garfield High School where she graduated on 2009. Vaneisha is currently living in Brooklyn, New York where she is working and boxing which is among other sports her favorite, but she also hopes to go to college and become a vet. She once said she wanted to be a police officer in order to raised money for her college studies.

Vaneisha Robinson might be a total stranger to anyone who hears her name or sees her, but that is about to change when I share with you that she is also the person who for $5.00 became the proud owner of the dazzling #23 gold pendant. The pendant has the shape of his jersey (with his name and number #23 on it) made of 14 Kt. white gold and covered with diamonds (that made a sum of 2 carats).

The pendant allegedly belongs to Maverick O. Carter who is James Marketing Company’s CEO, business partner and close friend who said the pendant was stolen from him three years ago. (How come it was purchased by Vaneisha 4 years ago?).

Vaneisha said that she bought the pendant for $5.00 at a yard sale 4 years ago, she loves the basketball star and it was cool. She wore the pendant around her neck for years until she got curious and had it appraised. She was shocked when she found out that all the time that she thought she was wearing a $5 jewelry turn out to be worth almost $10.000 ($9.670) according to the International Gemological Institute, which was great now she could sell it on Ebay and open her own gym or maybe pay for her college studies.

That dream was about to come true or so she thought when she received a phone from Katherine L. Powers (Maverick’s Mother) who told her that the pendant belongs to her son and that LeBron was there and wanted to make her an offer that she couldn’t refuse, if she dropped by their house.

She got there with her mother, but James wasn’t there instead a group of about eight or nine people were there, she said that she was threatened and forced to give them the jewelry.

"They pretty much accused me, they threatened me," Robinson said. "They told us that we weren’t going anywhere until they got that pendant."

Police got to the house after a next door neighbor who heard them arguing called them, but Vaneisha was no longer there neither was Mr. Powers. At that moment she was suspected of getting stolen jewelry.

Vaneisha was at the police department the following day to tell them what happened and that the pendant belongs to her, she added that she didn’t know the pendant was stolen and it was impossible to find out since it was not encrypted otherwise The Gemological Institute wouldn’t certify it if it was stolen.

"There was no serial number on that pendant so it’s untraceable. That pendant is mine. It belongs to me. I want it back. Sais Vaneisha.

Police are trying to find out where did she buy the pendant, meanwhile she is looking forward to recovering the pendant in court. What do you think about this story? Who do you believe? Do you think she should recover the pendant? Get a reward? Meanwhile you think about that and check out Vaneisha Robinson’s photos and video below.

Vaneisha Robinson photoVaneisha Robinson photosVaneisha Robinson pic

Vaneisha Robinson Pictures

Vaneisha Robinson Video

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One Response to “Vaneisha Robinson: LeBron James Pendant Thief? (Photos, Video)”

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    Mustardseeds Says:

    Here’s why I question her story: Why didn’t she go to the police IMMEDIATELY when they held her and her mother against their will and took the pendant from her. Why did she wait and entire day before she went to the police? If someone force me to give them and item I purchased, I would have called 911 ASAP.