Sexy Soccer Jersey Bodypaint Photos

February 29, 2008

Wow…total hat tip to MachoChip for posting these incredible bodypaint photos of these lovely ladies in soccer jerseys…See more of the photos below!

The images are from the Bodypainting the World Cup 2007 calendar. John Vargas is the lucky guy who bodypainted these hottie women wearing soccer jerseys in great detail. I’d just like to know how he’s able to do this and not get totally excited….heh. You have to check out his portfolio at

Would you like to see some women soccer players sporting these jerseys? Let’s see…there are some soccer hotties that come to mind…Heather Mitts for sure, former Australian player Amy Taylor, Mia Hamm…who else?

You can see more of the sexy soccer jersey bodypaint photos below.

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    EzRich Project Says:

    Interesting !

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    rh Says:

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