Undersea Volcano Discovered Near Indonesia’s Coast

July 17, 2010

On a recent exploration, scientists have discovered what may be the largest undersea volcano. It is being called “Kawio Barat” and with some high tech equipment, the Americans and Indonesians have made a huge find! You can learn all about it below the photo, including a great video for you.

Undersea volcano  1

Initial findings say the completely submerged mountain is larger than all but of 3 or 4 of the ones in the island nation. It was reportedly seen first on satellites in 1990, but with sonar cameras and robots, the exploration has provided some amazing images!

The undersea volcano rises 10,000 feet from the ocean floor, and amazingly is still hidden by water. Microbiologist Jim Holden, chief U.S. scientist for the Kawio Barat expedition is thrilled about actually getting “in there” to learn as much as possible. He stated:

“we were the first to go there with a [remotely operated vehicle] and actually discover hydrothermal fluids coming out of the volcano.”

There are many of these geographical structures in the world, and more are always being discovered. However at this point it seems to be the tallest so far.

“This is a huge undersea volcano,” Holden said, “taller than all but three or four mountains in Indonesia.”

The Okeanos Explorer is an American vessel designed to study the vast ocean. It has multi-beam sonar and a remote operated vehicle which allows it to get the best possible views. Their voyage continues until the middle of August and by then they should have a plethora of information.

“The more we understand these undersea features and the communities of life they support, the better we can manage and protect the ocean and its resources.”

I think it is amazing how many things, even massive undersea volcanoes, can be undiscovered in our expanse of ocean. The more we learn, the more we are curious about the unknown. What do you think about this discovery? You can see awesome photos of it here. Let me know your thoughts after you check out this video of another submarine mountain exploding.

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