Williams Rejoins Take That For Reunion Album

July 16, 2010

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the first boy bands around. After some reconciliation, Robbie Williams rejoins Take That and the quintet will produce another album! Keep reading for all the details, including some more awesome photos and video.

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They came together in 1990 and soon were a huge success. Then, due to alcohol and drug problems with their youngest member, the band broke up in 1996. They went on to do their own things, and the friendships seemed to be over too. Until now!

Over the past couple years they have finally decided to put those things behind them and to move on.

“We had a great chat. He’s really well and we’re good buds again,” Barlow said in March. “It was the best meet-up we’ve had since 1996.”

This will be the first time all five of them, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Mark Owen, Howard Donald & Robbie Williams rejoin Take That since the split. You get a real sense of the deep bond they must have, for as soon as things started working again, they all got overjoyed like teenagers!

“I get embarrassingly excited when the five of us are in a room,” the 36 year old said. “It feels like coming home.”

And the others feel just the same to have their estranged member back!

Owen says, “Getting the five of us to be in a room together, although always a dream, never actually seemed like becoming a reality. Now the reality of the five of us making a record together feels like a dream. It’s been an absolute delight spending time with Rob again. But I’m still a better footballer.”

And Orange stated, “I’m over the moon that Robbie’s back with us, however long it lasts. I just want to enjoy our time with him. Life is beautifully strange sometimes.”

Boy bands were the hot thing back in the 90’s and it seems that reuniting is the thing in this decade. We have seen the Backstreet Boys do the same thing. PopEater has a great story on what all those former groups have been up to!

I think it’s great to see them overcome differences and continue doing what they love. It is a great illustration of friendship. What do you think now that Robbie Williams rejoins Take That after 15 years? Their album will be out in November; will you be getting a copy? Let me know your thoughts below after you check out these photos and a video about the group.

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Photos: www.wenn.com

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