PETA Protests Bullfighting

February 29, 2008

PETA is at it again. Their latest cause? Bullfighting – and they took their protest to Sydney, Australia. See the photos below.

PETA is at it again. This time they’re protesting against the cruelty of bullfighting and demonstrated in front of Sydney’s Opera House in Australia.

Even though bullfighting is not a problem in Australia, PETA spokeswoman Lauren Bowey said that they were trying to warn the locals who travel to Spain about the horrifying nature of bullfighting.

“Australians are very compassionate when you tell them what’s going on,” Bowey said. Most tourists think they are doing something that’s part of the national culture but most Australians walk out after the first show when they see how cruel (bullfighting) it is.”

In 2002, Peta organized theRunning of the [sans clothing], in an effort to save the more than 40,000 bulls who are killed each year.

The peaceful protest caused a stir amongst onlookers who stopped to see the ladies. Police were called to the scene, but the Peta girls left without incident.

More photos below of PETA against bullfighting.

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