Carla Cutie: Cesc Fabregas’ Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 12, 2010

Carla Cutie is the sexy brunette and Cesc Fabregas’ Girlfriend. Have you ever seen her? Would you like to know some details about her? Keep reading this story and check out some of Carla Cutie’s photos and video below.

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Carla Cutie’s boyfriend plays for Arsenal ever since he was 16 years old, he is also with the Spanish National Soccer team and if you saw the World Cup final match where Spain defeated Netherlands he was an important key to their victory, sure he is one terrific player and Carla is very aware of that, but you know what else is she aware of? He is a romantic, sweet and sexy guy that for many years now has filled her life with some of the best moments of her life.

Carla is from Spain as well, is not sure exactly how old she is or where was born. Some say that she was a major gymnast champion until she was 15 years old in Catalunya, while others said that she is about to get her major in psychology. We do know that she has been dating the famous soccer player for over six years.

To bad there is not much information about her, they have been seen together all over and two years ago they were spotted having a blast in Los Angeles and New York perhaps you have any pictures? Most of the time she can be seen with her man shopping, or having a snack on the streets in London when she visits and drags her cute boyfriend from store to store.

"When Carla comes over from Spain to stay with me we pass our time shopping in Zara or even in Woman’s Secret.”

Carla used to live with him in London back on 2006, she was also studying there( Don’t ask what) she later moved back to Spain to finish her studies.

Not so long ago and certainly when Carla was not in the UK some reports about Cesc allegedly cheating on her after he was seen with some blonde were reported, even more rumors were heard about Carla being married and allegedly pregnant which turned out to be false.

Either way Carla still is his girlfriend and both are still very much in love. What do you think about her?  Do you know any more details about Carla Cutie? Check out the photo and video below.

Carla Cutie Video.


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