Germany vs. Uruguay: Third Place Highlights, Results (Photos, Video)

July 10, 2010

The anticipated fight for the third place at this 2010 World Cup in South Africa took place between the fantastic National teams of Germany and Uruguay. Find out all the highlights, final result and who were the players at this incredible match plus don’t miss the awesome photos and videos below.

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Both teams were not in the best spirits during the cold and wet night on July 10th  at South Africa, they were playing to take the Cup home as they dream of when they left their beloved countries, but the fight must go on even if it was for a third place or even a fourth, it definitely was not what German coach Joachim Loew was planning with his players, for them to win the title looked very likely to happen after their previous incredible games, but once again it was the National Team of Spain who shattered that dream, the same dream they had where they were fighting for the 2008 UEFA championship against the Spanish players. Today they can’t take their fourth World Cup home they were going for the third place, did they get it?

Uruguay was going to meet once again the team they last played with 40 years ago, it was at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico where Uruguay faced the Germans for the third place which they lost 1-0, today they will take their revenge.

The teams were joined by their fans, the annoying vuvuzelas and heavy rain in Port Elizabeth but either way the game started with both teams dominating the ball, like Germany, Uruguay had two of their best players back on the field Luis Suarez and Thomas Mueller.

Thomas, who opened the score with his goal at the 19th minute, a goal that was poorly celebrated. Today it wasn’t Suarez who evened things up for Uruguay it was Cavani who did it with his goal at the 28th minute, the Germans were definitely not playing their best and Uruguay was going to take advantage of that in the second half.

As we told you Uruguay took advantage on the 51st minute when Diego Forlan surprised the German goalkeeper Butt. Then it was the turn for the Germans to surprise Muslera with a goal on the 56th minute by Jansen who spiced things up and we began to wonder if extra time was coming ahead.

The Germans cleared things up when they scored their third goal on the 82nd minute (Khedira) and now they did celebrate a little better while Uruguay was not giving up and even at the last minute during the free kick by Forlan in the injury time their hopes were good but the Jabulani kicked the bar and then it was all over. Germany won third place with the final score of 3-2 and Uruguay won the fourth.

Soon the stage  where FIFA authorities followed by South Africa’s president will give the players their medals was set up. Every player got his medal, at the end was Joachim Loew who then joined his players for the picture that will be remembered as the day they won third place in South Africa with fans showing German flags and banners thanking their team. A more cheerful mood was present at Germany where millions of fans celebrated, sang and greeted television cameras.

Here are the players at Nelson Mandela Bay in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Uruguay Germany
1 Muslera 22 Butt
2 Lugano 2 Jansen
3 Godin 3 Friedrich
4 Fucile 4 Aogo
7 Cavani 6 Khedira
9 Suarez 7 Schweinsteiger
10 Forlan 8 Oezil
15 Perez 13 Mueller
16 Pereira 17 Mertesacker
17 Arevalo 19 Cacau
22 Caceres 20 Boateng

Congratulations to Germany for their third place and to Uruguay for their fourth, thank you for giving us a taste of the great game you both played. What did you think of this match? What team in your opinion deserved the third place? Check out the photos and the video of the highlights and goals at this match.

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World Cup Pictures.

Germany vs. Uruguay Video

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One Response to “Germany vs. Uruguay: Third Place Highlights, Results (Photos, Video)”

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    Andalas Says:

    The failure of Uruguay to go through was a repeat of the failure of France’s in the earlier stage. A team could and would not go far using hands (goalkeeper aside)to achieve victory.If not for the volleyball action, it was a 100% goal in favour of the opposing team and the ensuing penalty was to be logically seen as only 33% sure-goal, 33% not within the goal post frame and the last 33% was a save by the keeper. So one could deduce eventhough one could not know the result of the following penaly taken, but one could be rest assured the chance of a penalty score was only a third of being a sure goal. So there was an element of cheating by handling the ball by a non-keeper in that Uruguay/Ghana match. The penalty by Fifa in this case should be more severe, not just a one match suspension that has now become a calculated risk to advance into the following stage of play at the expense of the other deserving team.
    On the contrary, should this handling of the ball on its way into goal be done by non-European or non- Americas player in a crucial match, the hue and cry of detest attracted would be overwhelming and long remembered even after the dust has settled.
    HOPE the next event in Brazil offers a decent and satisfying performance worthy of its status, from players and referees alike (and the electronics)
    Andalas 1756hrs.SUNDAY 110710.