Eliza Silva Samudio: Brazilian Model (Photos, Video)

July 10, 2010

Eliza Silva Samudio was a young, beautiful Brazilian model who was brutally murdered by the hand of her child’s father. Why was she murdered? What are the details about the investigation of her killing? Who was really Eliza Samudio? Find out all the details behind the short life, career and tragic death of this young Brazilian model plus the latest update about her killer who was found guilty and you can also take a look at some of Eliza Samudio’s photos and videos below.

Model Eliza Samudio

Eliza Silva Samudio was born on February 22nd, 1985 in Sao Paulo, Brazil to Luis Samudio and Sonia de Fatima Marcelo da Silva Moura. Eliza was a happy, kind and beautiful 25 year old Brazilian model and student, sources have been also reporting that she was allegedly also an actress in adult films, but her father has denied such statements.

Like many Brazilian ladies, Eliza was a soccer fan not just because of the beauty of the game, but for the talented and handsome players. It was during an after game party at a soccer player’s house back in 2009 where she met the young goalkeeper Bruno Fernandez Souza from the Brazilian soccer club Flamingo who was at that time married with children. But that allegedly didn’t stop the player from making his move on Eliza Samudio.

The alleged affair lasted three months, it is not clear how they split, but the news of her allegedly becoming pregnant and wanting to keep the baby while he wanted her to allegedly get an abortion was reportedly the probable cause.

It was that such event that Eliza Samudio described when she was kidnapped by the player and some of his friends who allegedly put a gun on her head and forced her to take a drug that would cause her to lose the baby, a drug known as cycotec which is an illegal abortion drug. Before letting her go she was told by the player to meet him at an abortion clinic the following day.

But Eliza, 4 months pregnant at that time, wanted to keep her baby, despite all she did love the father of her child but she was afraid so she searched for the help of the police. She told them about the horrible events that happened to her the day before, she recalled the terrible thing he said to her.

"If I kill you and throw you somewhere, you’re not going to be found,"

She provided a urine sample where allegedly traces of the drug were found, Eliza hoped to get a restraining order, but when the aggressor is a wealthy and famous person no such things happen.

Eliza Samudio carried on with her life and her pregnancy, in the first months of 2010 she became the proud mother of a boy she named Bruninho which comes from little Bruno, but she wanted her child to have a father. She was fighting to get a paternity test, a test that the player was not permitting so he once again turned to violence and terror and began to allegedly send her threats.

Once again Eliza Samudio was knocking on the doors of the police department and told them about the threats and the nightmare she was living every time she recalled those threats..

"You don’t know me and you don’t know what I am capable of – I’m from the favela,"

Due to this he was the main suspect of her disappearance and probable murder on June 4th, but it took them almost a month after she was reportedly missing that police began the investigation. Witnesses said they saw Souza and Samudio heading to his ranch in Belo Horizonte on June.

Reportedly the police claim that she was taken from the Rio de Janeiro hotel by the player and two other men identified as Luiz Enrique Ferreira aka “espagetti”and Marcos Aparecio dos Santos an ex cop known as “Bola”.

When police arrived at his ranch there was no sing of the goalkeeper, but they did find some of Eliza Samudio belongings even a plane ticket with her name on plus they also found traces of blood in the player’s car, although no reports about whether the blood belonged to Samudio have been made neither if Eliza’s four month old son was found at the ranch since sources are saying the infant was there, authorities took his wife under arrest and about seven other suspects while the player was then a fugitive.

The Flamingo goalkeeper turned himself in to authorities, but he said he was not guilty nor did he know what happened to her and wish  for her to safely return.

Things changed when Souza’s 17 year old cousin confessed about the series of events that took place on the terrible night Eliza Silva Samudio was brutally killed. The teenager told the police Eliza was taken  with her hands tied by the player’s friends who later beat her, strangled her and cut her into pieces. He also said that some of the body pieces were fed to the dogs while others were buried in concrete, he didn’t say where, but he did say that the player witnessed the entire massacre.

The goalkeeper defended his innocence, but the other suspects confirmed the statement given by the teenager. The soccer player was represented by his club’s lawyer, but when he was left out of the team he was without his lawyer also. His new lawyer said the three main suspects denied the boy’s accusations.

Eliza Silva Samudio’s body hasn’t been found, her son is with his maternal grandmother. And the questions still remain in the heart of hundreds of peoples minds and in her family and friends hearts, Where is the body of the Brazilian model? Will her death go unnoticed? Was her child really found at the player’s residence? What was that plane ticket for? Will justice be done? Or will those men who all fingers point to are the ones responsible for the disappearance and cold blooded murder of Eliza Samudio will be free? Apparently on latest news it was reported that Eliza’s ex boyfriend and famous golkeeper has been found guilty for her murder, it was also confirmed that her son was found with the player’s wife who will also be charge, the Brazilian model’s body is still missing but after her blood was found on his car plus his nephew’s confessions is more than enough to charge with arranging the group of killers who beat Eliza to death and to this corruption misdemeanor is involved since one of his gang member was a police member he was also charge with kidnapping and hiding her body. What do you think about this story? Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends through this difficult time. Take a look at some of Eliza Silva Samudio last photos and her video below.

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3 Responses to “Eliza Silva Samudio: Brazilian Model (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Marcia Says:

    she was not a model, but a porn star.But anyway she was a human being and not deserved to die this way.


  2. 2
    Ariane Says:

    yea seriously, let’s get the facts straight people.. she was definitely not a model.. and she did porn, but i wouldn’t call her a star at it either.. and to add on, she was the gal who just so happened to bring in all the prostitutes to bruno’s drug filled parties. soo no need to glorify her just cause she died. ohh, and she wasn’t his gf. She slept with him a few times and tried to screw him over by getting pregnant (something she attempted with several soccer stars actually). soo yea, what a great human being she was. But of course, she didn’t deserve to die for it. Want more info?? Learn some portuguese and follow the original brazilian news on the story cause apparently the truth has been lost in translation…

  3. 3
    fabiano Says:

    Era alem de uma atriz de filme porno, garota de programa, e corria atras de jogadores de futebol para arrumar dinheiro!!e emmais uma de suas artimanhas, conseguiu engravidar (burrice de bruno) do melhor goleiro do brasil na atualidade, um dos jogadores q estava mais na midia no momento!! e assim ele ficou na mão dela e ela achando q tava com a vida ganha!! se era modelo, se tinha um profissão, acho q daria p/ ela sustentar-se ate o menino nascer e ai fazer o exame de dns, mas ela ñ queria so a paternidade e e notorio, mas isso não justifica a suposta morte dela!! se bruno matou tem q pagar pelo q fez!!no dia q ela foi a DP de jacarepagua falando q bruno lhe dera 2 socos fortissimos no rosto nem sinal de vermelhidão tinha no rosto( um homem do tamanho do bruno, com a força do bruno ia arrebentar a cara dela se tivesse dado um soco no rosto não acham??) e falando q tinha domado remedio abortivo, dormiu e qdo acordou foi a dp, pq não foi assim q chegou em casa??? bom ela tb tinha cupa no cartorio, safada e aproveitadora, mas como disse não justifica ter sido morta!! se for o bruno o culpado q arque com suas responsabilidade, mas acho q não devem transformar em martim um mulher q não tinha escrupulos nenhum, uma aproveitadora q o estorqui, pq bruno pagava moradia comida, roupas e etc, ela vivia disso!!!! reflitam!!