American Idol Tour Ending Early!

July 10, 2010

After their lowest rated season yet, looks like things are also going badly for the American Idol Tour. Ending early, the hit show’s concert schedule was forced to cut back after low ticket sales. While it may look bad for the FOX headliner, they weren’t the only ones who had to cancel stops this summer. Check out the full story with pictures and video below!

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Banking on a fast economic recovery, many acts booked excessive schedules over the summer and are now having to scale back their stops. Joining FOX’s hit show, the Jonas Brothers, the Eagles, and Rihanna have also had to cut back.

But it’s not all bad news for the industry. As the American Idol Tour ends, fans can’t seem to get enough of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

“We’re still very much in a recession,” said a manager of the Lilith Fair Tour. “If it was just us that was being affected, then I would say it’s Lilith. But everyone’s been affected. We’re just one of the more obvious sort of meters of it.”

Danny Goldberg, a veteran talent manager in the industry, says the tough economic times separate the weak from the strong in the industry. While fans may have dished out for mediocre acts when the economy was strong, only superstar acts are worth the ticket prices these days.

“I think it really depends on the artist — how recently they were in the market,” he says. “If someone just played last year, it’s less sexy or exciting than if they haven’t played there for 10 years.”

For FOX’s talent juggernaut, the appeal of their talent just wasn’t strong enough to sell out all of their venues. The lack of sales confirms an alarming trend for the show. When winner Lee DeWyze saw lackluster sales from his debut album, the credibility of the show took a hit. Now, the cancellations are another hit to the show’s declining image. With the loss of Simon Cowell next year to a new competing show, the future of FOX’s flagship may be in question.

What do you think the cancellations mean for the show? Is the American Idol Tour ending early a reflection of the show, or the economy? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! And don’t miss the photos and video below!

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Photos: Nikolov

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