Gertrude Kuyt: Dirk Kuyt’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 9, 2010

The Wonderful, Beautiful and kind Gertrude Kuyt is married to one of Netherlands’ best players – that would be Dirk Kuyt. Have you even seen her? Know something about her? Well, we can tell you a few things about Gertrude Kuyt, so check this story out and don’t miss the photos and cool video below.

Gertrude Kuyt

Gertrude is married to one of the best Dutch strikers around the globe, he is also a powerful weapon in Liverpool, But don’t be mistaken under his strong play there is a heart of gold and his lovely wife is one of the reasons his persona attracts the admiration and respect of everyone who meets him, so let’s meet Mrs. Kuyt!!

Gertrude Kuyt has been a normal and reserved person, that changed a bit when she got married, but the Dutch media fell in love with the charismatic young Mrs. Kuyt, she earned their sympathy and support, but why was that?

When she met the new Dutch talent both were living in Holland, she was pursuing her dream, her wish to help others, she was studying to become a nurse.

She was just a cute, smart, loving 16 year old girl whose humble heart, and impressive good looks caught the attention of the 17 year old soccer player, for him she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but when he got to know her he found out that her beauty was not just in the way she looked, but in the beauty of her soul and feelings and he knew Gertrude was the woman his heart cherished.

They got married very young, but don’t think that just because she was now the wife of a soccer player who was earning lots of money by the second she was going to stop working at the elderly home she used to, Gertrude kept visiting her beloved patients it didn’t matter if she had to take night shifts, she was there always happy, always available and with her heart open. It was then that when the Dutch media saw who really was the this down to earth warm and gorgeous soccer WAG.

Gertrude became the proud mama of baby Jordan, then came her little princess Noelle, now with two little children in the house work came too difficult to adjust in her busy schedule, so she had to quit her beloved job, her life became busier when baby boy Roan came to their family.

But if you think that because Gertrude Kuyt was now a mother of three gorgeous children she wasn’t going to keep on helping those in need you are mistaken, she encouraged her husband in creating the Kuyt foundation in November 2005, the foundation helps and supports children with disabilities in Netherlands and in other countries.

Gertrude also takes care of the management of their clothing store Twinkelstar by Kuyt along with her sisters in-law, the profits also supports their foundation and other charities.

Isn’t she some special WAG? Not to mention beautiful with three beautiful children? And husband? What do you think of her? Do you have some more information about her? Please leave us your comments and while you do that take a minute to check out Gertrude Kuyt’s photo and videos below.

Gertrude Kuyt photoGertrude Kuyt pic

Gertrude Kuyt Pictures

Gertrude Kuyt Video


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