Nagore Alonso: Xabi Alonso’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 9, 2010

Nagore Alonso also known as Nagori Aranburu is the stunning Spanish wife of Spain’s Xabi Alonso, Although her name is quite famous in Spain, for some she is a mystery. Let’s find out more about this beautiful soccer WAG and don’t miss Nagore Alonso’s photos and video below.

Nagore Alonso

Nagore’s husband plays for the Spanish football team and also for Real Madrid, but for her he is the love of her life, beloved husband, best friend and father of her children, but who exactly is She?

Nagore Alonso is the stunning 29 years old Española who was born in Azpeitia, Guipuzcoa Basque country in Spain. Nagore studied at Montesclaros High School and then she went to Technical University of Spain, after her graduation she was ready to pursue other challenges. She is an actress/model and has been part of many television series and films.

Some of Nagore’s acting roles have been in Maite (1998 T.V series), Ione, Sube al Cielo (1999), La Noche del Escorpion (T.V 2002), Algo para Descongelar (2005), Zeru Horiek (T.V 2006), El Nunca lo Haria (2009).

Nagore met her soon to be husband when they were teenagers and dated for years before getting married. They began to live together after dating a while and on March 11th, 2009 Nagore became the mother of a gorgeous boy that they named Jontxu Alonso Aranburu. The birth of her first child was a joyous news for everyone, no doubt about that the problem was that she planned to give birth on the same day of one of her beau’s most important games, that allegedly caused his team to lose and him to have trouble with his team, some considered Nagore’s decision to give birth on the day of the match, selfish.

A few days before their big day news began to give fans some details of their wedding. On July 12th, 2009 at the church of Zoprroaga in Apeitia, Guipuzcoa Naguru Aranburu became Nagore Alonso and officially a soccer WAG. Eight months later on March 30th, 2010 baby girl Ane Alonso Aranburu was born.

Have you ever seen any pictures of this beautiful woman? She truly is stunning, right? Check out some of Nagore Alonso’s photo and videos below.

Nagore AranburuNagore Aranburu Alonso 1

Nagore Aranburu Alonso Pictures

Nagore Arunburu Alonso Video

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