Ashley Papelbon is Jonathan’s Baseball Wife

February 26, 2008

Meet Ashley Papelbon, the beautiful wife of Boston Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon. See photos and a biography of Ashley below.

There isn’t much information about Ashley, so please feel free to leave comments if you have more info to share. The former Ashley Jefferies grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where she attended Oak Grove High School. Ashley went on to attend Mississippi State, and this is where she met Jonathan. When they started dating, Ashley didn’t know much about baseball, but has learned to love the game. Jonathan proposed to Ashley in October 2004. They were married in November 2005 in New Orleans. And to think, she didn’t even want to start dating him when they first met!

“I almost didn’t start dating him because he played baseball,” said Ashley. “He was just wild and crazy, so I didn’t think I wanted to date him. He wasn’t like a huge deal at Mississippi State, but he was persistent, so here we are today.”

They currently make their home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

See more photos of Ashley Papelbon below.

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