What Do *NSYNC and Shaun White Have in Common?

July 8, 2010

Remember when boy bands were all the rage? And when the biggest crisis in lives of teeny boppers was when Justin Timberlake cut off his unruly mop of curls? Well, it looks like the sports world might be facing the same crisis. Keep reading to find out more!

Snowboarding champ Shaun White caused an uproar with a photo he posted on Facebook showing him staring at a barber shop sign reading “All Haircuts, $5.” White continued to incite the masses when he added the caption, “I don’t know… Is it time?” Fans – nearly 3500 of them! – used the comment section to post their vehement anti-haircut messages. A few, dare I say more rational, fans suggested that if he should cut, he should donate it to a program like Locks of Love, which makes wigs for cancer patients. Another told him to do it and “see who your true fans are.”

*NSYNC hottie Justin Timberlake must have gone through the same thing, wondering if his fans would stick with him once he chopped off his curly hair. Websites against him cutting his hair, cleverly called things like Hell No the Fro Can’t Go, popped up, as did ones encouraging him to do it. I myself was a JC Chasez fan, so I didn’t care much for the white boy fro, but boy was Justin’s hair a hot topic of debate amongst my friends.

I don’t think Shaun White has much to worry about. Though his hair did, in part, earn him the nickname “Flying Tomato,” it will remain the bright red color even if he cuts it short and people will still watch him snowboard to see his amazing tricks. And JT is even more successful as a solo artist with short hair than he was with *NSYNC so Shaun can look to him as an example.

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