Gaga’s Lenses: Big Eyes, Big Problem?

July 7, 2010

In her recent music video for “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga’s lenses that make her eyes appear larger than life have set a trend! Whether hers were digitally enhanced or if she used the circle lenses, girls everywhere are copying it! Continue for more of the good and bad details, with photos and a video.

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She definitely starts trends, and they are usually extreme, however professionals worry that this one is not only illegal, but dangerous. The doll-eyed look has been very popular in Asian cultures, and now the eye enhancing contacts have made their way over to America. We have another internet hot item!

Basically the “Lady Gaga lenses” cover an area larger than just the iris, and can be prescription and come in many wild colors. There are many websites that young women on YouTube promote and it is very easy for girls from ages 15-25 to order them.

“In the past year, there’s been a sharp increase in interest here in the U.S. Once early adopters have adequately posted about it, discussed it and reviewed them, it’s now available to everyone.”

Many compare it to the Japanese anime look and women like that it makes them look bashful or more vibrant.

“A lot of people like the dolly-eyed look, because it’s cute. It’s still an emerging trend” in America, he added, but “it’s getting more and more popular.”

However, regardless of the popularity of the item, there are many issues with it. Websites that sell them, and ones that are supposedly approved by the FDA, are required to verify the prescription. Any selling or purchasing of eyewear that is not sanctioned by a professional is illegal. And it seems that they may not be following all the rules.

And on an even more serious note, these contacts can cause serious eye problems. Dr. Ashton states:

“In some cases, rarely (infections can) can even lead to blindness. Absent those things, corneal ulcers, scratches or abrasions in the corner of the eye, impairing vision either from the tears or from infection, and depriving the eye of oxygen all can set up the risk of infection and in rare cases, blindness.”

Seems like a lot to simply fit in! But they are all the rage on high school and college campuses. What do you think about the Lady Gaga lenses trend? Be sure to tell me if you wear them and what your experience was. Also, enjoy these photos and this video where one of those YouTube girls shows you how to get the look.

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Photos: Dixon, A. Miller, Bizu

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